Barsik ;The mascot of metis

Barsik; The Mascot of Metis Chain
The internet has a soft spot for cats, and that love is translating into the world of cryptocurrency with Barsik. This purrfectly named memecoin isn’t just another cat-themed token – it’s named after Natalie’s beloved pet cat .

Barsik holds court on the Metis Network, a blockchain known for its speed and affordability. Barsik is not just a memecoin, it’s a furry homage to the feline who stole Natalie’s heart.

Value Proposition:
While Barsik might not be the absolute first cat memecoin, it has the potential to carve its own unique path on the Metis Network as its the first ever cat memecoin. Barsik could become a major contender in the ever-growing world of memecoins.

Uniqueness Factor:
Barsik became the first memecoin on Metis to hit a $7 million all-time high (ATH), rocketing straight to the top. To cap that, Barsik also holds the title for the fastest growing memecoin ever, amassing a massive community of 2,000 holders within days of launch attracting interest from other chains.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem:
By offering a piece of the “founders’ cat” trend, Barsik entices new holders to join the Metis ecosystem. These new users bring fresh energy and potential to the Metis network, expanding its reach and community.


**Roadmap: **
Phase 1:
Giveaways: There will be giveaways and charity visits sponsored by the Barsik Team.

Partnerships: Barsik tends to partner with like minded projects who push for a change in meme culture on Metis chain and also with Defi protocols that incentivize Barsik holders.

Token locker: To champion safety on Metis, our dApp will enable projects to lock their liquidity on Metis chain.
Multisend app: To enable projects on Metis airdrop in bulk to holders in one transaction to save cost.

Phase 2
Barsik’s goal here is to build a permissionless launchpad that will serve as an incubation dApp for fundraising for developers who want to build on the Métis chain.

Official Links:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BARSIK_Portal