CVP Proposal: caca represents both power of sarcasm and new wave on Metis

In the midst of the #jechiedanslaseine movement, the Seine River has become a powerful symbol of the stupidity and hypocrisy of French politicians. Out of this satire and public outcry, :roll_of_toilet_paper: La Caca rises as a beacon from the meme world, symbolizing sarcasm and resistance.

The origins of La caca are wrapped in mystery and legend: some say it flowed from the Seine, others claim it was born in the Élysée Palace, and some believe it emerged from the La Louvre. However, we believe that La caca truly originates from the people. Just like normies, La Caca begins pure but must navigate a shitty world.

Why Us?
La caca guidant le peuple!

  • La caca stands as a unique blend of satire and social commentary, engaging our nation through humor and irony.
  • We harnesses the power of memes to create a vibrant, interactive community.
    Good vibe only!

Benefits to the Metis Community

  • By tapping into current events and popular culture, La caca inspires resistance against injustice and hypocrisy, attracting significant traffic from the meme community.
  • This influx of interest will invigorate the Metis community, fostering engagement and solidarity.
  • Our project will act as a catalyst for community activation, uniting people around shared values and humor.

Why Now?
In a world rife with inequity and deceit, La caca stands as a symbol of the people’s resilience and desire for anti-censorship. Incorporating La caca into the Metis ecosystem allows us to leverage the power of memes to build a stronger, more united community.

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In a world of shit, how will La Caca float to the top? hehe get it?

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Love the sarcasm around your graphics… The toilet paper though :joy:

So I have a few questions for you.

  1. I know Solana has been really popular with meme coins lately. What made you lean towards building and launching on Metis instead? Are there benefits Metis brings that other networks don’t have?

  2. On the tokenomics side, could you walk me through the details around total token supply, how they’ll be distributed, and what incentives there will be for people to hold onto your memecoin long-term?

  3. Finally, Marketing-wise… I’m sure building a strong community culture will be hugely important for your memecoin project. What are your main strategies to get the word out there and start rallying a loyal following around your coin?

  1. While Solana has a lot of meme projects, we see greater potential for meme development on the Metis. Many users describe Metis as the “meme” project among L2s. It has a well-developed and large community user base, which is very conducive to the growth of the $caca project.
  2. You can keep an eye on our official Twitter for specific tokenomics details, which will be announced soon.
  3. We will seek support from Metis officials and collaborate with ecosystem projects on Metis to regroup and strengthen our community.
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La Caca will rise to the top by leveraging its innovative approach. Stay tuned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome La Caca!

I really want to see memes push hard on Metis and it requires an uncommon approach, so

i Aside grants from Metis team and projects, do you have another source for marketing?

ii Which KOLs do you plan working with?

We will choose core contributors from Metis first, and also reach out to KOLs who have a keen eye for meme. We have already established some partnerships and are gearing up for a big push on Metis.

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Nice nice. All good👍
Wish you goodluck in the polls🤝

Link to official twitter account?