Sequencer Proposal: Ebunker

Executive Summary
Ebunker is a non-custodial staking service provider, managing over 350,000 Ethereum in partnership with protocols such as Lido, SSV, Stader, and Renzo. We excel in delivering comprehensive validator solutions and innovative technologies tailored to the dynamic needs of the blockchain ecosystem. Our offerings include a highly user-friendly online platform for quick and efficient setup of Ethereum validators, aimed at simplifying the process for our users. In collaboration with SSV and Obol, we are enhancing our services by developing the SDVT modular for Lido, further strengthening our capabilities in decentralized validation technology. Additionally, our eNode device, a home-grade node solution designed for individual validators, has gained recognition from the Lido community and SSV for its accessibility and robustness, making it an integral part of our commitment to providing reliable and accessible staking solutions.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
We uphold the highest standards of service with:
99.95% Uptime Guarantee: Ensuring continuous and reliable service.

Global Support: with a team of on-call DevOperators across different timezones.

Proven Experience: Core validators on major networks, showcasing our capability and reliability.

Robust Infrastructure: Utilizing bare-metal solutions from top providers and strategically located servers worldwide to ensure optimal performance and security.

In-House Monitoring and Alerting: We have a sophisticated monitoring and alerting framework using tools like Prometheus and Grafana to comprehensively monitor the operational status, uptime, and block height of node programs. Our alerting framework uses monitoring data and predefined thresholds to notify our technical team in real-time via phone, email, or messaging software.

Integration Roadmap
Cloud Selection and Security: Choose suitable cloud or physical servers for Metis that fully meet hardware requirements, providing foundational support for efficient node operation.

Automation Deployment: Streamlining Metis Sequencer setup with our proprietary tools.

Monitoring and Alerts: Implementing real-time monitoring via Grafana and Prometheus.

Deployment and Maintenance: Through automated version monitoring and regular manual inspections, we promptly identify any updates or upgrades related to Metis node programs, ensuring that the nodes remain in optimal condition. Additionally, we quickly identify and report any potential issues with the nodes to Metis, contributing to the continuous improvement and updating of the system.

Benefits for the Metis Community
High quality service: We aim to provide Metis network with the highest standard of stable and secure sequencing services, bringing L1-level services to emerging L2 solutions like Metis.

Educational Outreach: Sharing insights and news to educate and expand the Metis community.

Advanced Monitoring: Offering our monitoring bot to enhance network transparency and performance.

Governance Participation: Engaging in all governance proposals to foster ecosystem growth.

Infrastructure Support: Providing RPC endpoints for seamless network interaction.

We aim to provide Metis network with the highest standard of stable and secure sequencing services, bringing our current high quality L1-level services to emerging L2 solutions like Metis.

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