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Infrastructure proposals - Sequencer

The integration of our upcoming Decentralized Sequencer Pool with the existing decentralized peer-to-peer network entities represents the final stride toward achieving the ultimate decentralization of our L2 network. Once the Sequencer pool is operational, all network participation will be decentralized, allowing for a seamless and secure rotation of Sequencers.

Infrastructure proposals - LST

Metis Liquid Staking Blitz (LSB) is an initiative focused on accelerating the growth of Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) and LST-focused products on Metis, leveraging the 4.6M METIS Ecosystem Development Fund. LST platforms may submit proposals to Metis Community Governance. A limited number of LST applicants will win the right to be paired with a Decentralized Sequencer Node, opening up liquid staking to a pool of 20,000 to 100,000 METIS tokens per node.

Ecosystem proposals

Proposals are focused on introducing new projects into the Metis ecosystem - Community Verified Projects (CVP). These proposals are under community evaluation waiting for Snapshot vote submission. They do not fall under the Governance type, including funding requests, informational proposals, or collaboration with other projects.

Governance proposals

Metis Governance structure or procedures modification proposals

Approved CVP

Proposals approved by the Community with a Snapshot vote


Proposals that didn’t pass a Snapshot vote (80% YES) or did not reach the quorum (10k METIS, 500 wallet addresses)

Infrastructure proposals

Proposals focused on Technical implementations, Security vulnerabilities, Network infrastructure upgrades, and other infrastructure-related fixes.

Emergency proposals

A security breach or other urgent situation.


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[Archived] Rejected CVP

Projects that didn’t meet proposal requirements. This folder is archived and no longer in use