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Proposals for Decentralized Sequencer Node Operators

The integration of our upcoming Decentralized Sequencer Pool with the existing decentralized peer-to-peer network entities represents the final stride toward achieving the ultimate decentralization of our L2 network. Once the Sequencer pool is operational, all network participation will be decentralized, allowing for a seamless and secure rotation of Sequencers.

The Metis Decentralized Sequencer works with a proof-of-stake mechanism, the stackers will collect the fees of processed transactions and earn a certain APR.The minimum required stake to run a Sequencer Node is 20,000 METIS.

Onboarding of the Sequencer includes the following steps:

  1. Submit a proposal to become a Sequencer on the Metis Governance forum in this folder. Start with the title: Sequencer Proposal: [Project Name]
  2. Snapshot vote proposal
  3. Pass the vote

Voting criteria

  • A quorum requirement of
    • 50k METIS tokens
    • 500 or more wallet addresses participation
  • 80% or more approval vote to pass

Full details and proposal template: Decentralized Sequencer Governance Proposal

Technical details: Decentralized Sequencer Docs


Bullish and Waiting for the Decentralization


I need another 19990 Metis to join then


Can’t run the node but will be staking to a node

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required amount is huge …but bullish to the project.


The best project GoGogo

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this is awesome . Can’t run the node but will be staking to a node

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looking to staking to a node and contribute to METIS

Bullish. I can not wait

required amount is huge …but bullish to the project :cupid:

bullish on metis sequencer

bullish. like always Metis

Its sounds great, it will active information to metis network

I’m not gonna copy-paste someone’s previous comments. It sounds spammy.

What I will say is that the tech behind Metis seems like something this space desperately needs. It’s a technical process, and requires lots of knowledge, which makes me happy because only the tech-savvy will know how to do it, thus eliminating the airdrop farmers who are just here for the free money.

Great job, Metis. I’m looking forward to the next stop at the roadmap.

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Oke. I think this plan is very good

i’m bullish for this :star_struck:

The best projet metis