Add Metis EVM to Wormhole. Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup Platform #3809

We propose to build a robust and seamless integration between the Wormhole protocol and the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem. The goal is to enhance cross-chain interoperability, foster collaboration, and empower developers to create innovative solutions within the Metis network. Specifically, we aim to achieve the following:

Wormhole Integration:
Develop a bidirectional bridge that facilitates token transfers between Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, and Metis.
Deploy and maintain smart contracts necessary for seamless cross-chain communication.
Create an intuitive user interface for interacting with the Wormhole integration.

xData Synchronization:
Enable seamless data exchange across blockchains using Wormhole.Ensure data consistency and reliability for dApps and other use cases.

xDApp Support:
Empower developers to build cross-chain dApps by leveraging the Wormhole integration.Provide clear documentation and educational resources for xDApp development.

Definition of done
The project will be considered complete when the following criteria are met:
The Wormhole integration is fully functional, allowing token transfers, data synchronization, and xDApp support.
Comprehensive documentation is available for users, developers, and data providers.
Community workshops have been conducted to promote adoption and collaboration.
The integration is self-sustainable through community participation.
Purple Squirrel actively participates in Metis governance decisions related to the integration and xDApp ecosystem.