Aerarium Fi - Fractal Distribution and Metis Chain Liquidity Driver

Aerarium Fi is a next-generation Treasury-as-a-Service Defi Protocol on Metis Chain.

Creating a ‘fractal’ is your entry to sustainable yield loops and protocol synergies developed through carefully crafted partnerships and strategic acquisition of on-chain voting power to direct emissions. A fractal costs 10 $AERA tokens to create and will provide various forms of yield throughout our journey.
A comparison of the protocol would land somewhere between Convex $CVX and Strongblock $STRONG, with improved tokenomics models and dynamic functions optimized to control sustainability and growth potential.
“FPO” or Fractional Protocol Ownership, is acquired by purchasing a fractal. The fractal earns you percentage returns proportionate to your share of the protocol.

:white_check_mark:Fractal Rewards in $AERA
:white_check_mark:Partner Farm Synergies

Coming Soon:
-xAERA token locking & governance
-Boosted Native Farms/Compounders

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Audit In Progress w/ DefiMoon

Built by a trusted team from Fantom, The Tulip DAO.
The Tulip DAO is an investors community that provides services such as Deep Dive AMA’s, KYC+ Services, as well as audits for fledgling protocols.
Tulip DAO:
Project lead (@tradingtulips):

Official Partnerships

  • Maia DAO - Hermes
  • Starstream
  • Dexpools

Listing Partnership

  • Hera AMM

Through gauge votes and protocol acquisition via the Treasury, we aim to be a key liquidity driver for the chain and provide sustainable compounding loops and yield-bearing opportunities for protocol participants. Our long-term vision includes facilitating relationships and fostering sustainable growth for Defi on Metis Chain.

Please contact us if you would like to join us in this mission.
aerariumfi :classical_building:
tradingtulips :tulip:


Team, community, roadmap…It all aligns for aerarium to become one of the top project on Metis chain!
Are you still waiting to FractalUP?


Team is very professional and protocol is ran well. These guys are going to create a defi ecosystem in Metis.

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@tradingtulips is leveraging his ESTABLISHED community of active contributors and his deep understanding of DEFI to put all the right pieces in place not only for Aerarium but for Metis Eco as a whole

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Nice project Aerarium deserve it

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Great team and really fun community. Very excited to see where they take it.

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Very professional team, always building and pushing Aera to the top, feel very comfy compounding and excited for the future with Aerarium

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I am really excited for this project to play out. It is interesting to see capable people spearheading innovative projects. The team just needs a bit larger community and support and I am sure all will prosper!

PS I am invested, yes.

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This project might become the standard for what “node” projects need to look like

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Awesome partners! Looking forward for the future!


Trading Tulips has built a community and credibility on Fantom, bringing it to Metis is positive for everybody.

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Finally a project that is sustainable and has a professional team behind willing to go beyond to help grow the protocol and ecosystem. Amazing partnerships, Top notch experienced team, great support and 1st of it’s kind on METIS chain.

Let’s go!


Great team I’m looking forward to seeing what that will accomplish in the coming weeks

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A good project and strong in a predictable and transparent road map.
Planned and projected.
I think in the near future we will see an unprecedented growth of this project.

Joining TulipDAO was one of my best decisions as an investor. My portfolio grew of 25k worth of stablecoins in few months, not mentionning the invested NFTs or Fractals which will give me soon some juicy passive income. Long live to mr Tulip Trader, the Bulblords and the amazing TulipDAO community ! Long live to Aerarium too !

Just echoing most of the positive sentiment I’ve seen already stated. Devs are always working hard and being transparent/responsive w community. One of the few projects on Metis at the moment that has some innovation and that I’m excited about going forward.

Been following this project since public launch and impressed with what I have seen so far. Very transparent team that put the community first. If they keep delivering I think this protocol will be a big player in the metis eco. Glad to be part of the journey