Alium Finance - Mobile-friendly Cross-Chain DEX

:globe_with_meridians: Summary

One of the most convenient ways of on-the-go trading. Alium Finance is one of a very few DEXes which has its own native mobile application on Android and iOS where users can use the whole functional of web version.

:gear: Features

Hybrid liquidity feature allows users to make any swap with no thoughts if Alium has enough liquidity to perform it. Smart routers will use side liquidity if it’s not enough LP at Alium.

On/Off Ramp Feature already available and enables users to jump into crypto and operate within it’s space without leaving the platform.

Staking and Farming are also available within Alium platform and, moreover, has it’s own unique features, such as Stron Holders Pool which incentivise HOLDers at the expence of flippers.

Now there are 10 Blockchains connected to Alium DEX, and 4 of them connected to a cross-chain feature. More blockchains will be connected by the end of the year. Available blockchains up to date: ETH, BSC, MATIC, Fantom, Metis, Moonriver, Moonbeam, OKC, HECO, Aurora. Cross-chain enabled for ETH, BSC, Matic and Fantom.

Unique combination of DeFi and Gamification. Since the end of March 2023 Alium launches it’s gamification process where users can receive rewards from regular day-to-day operations - win stables, ALM token or Upgradable NFT which will be used afterwards at the following phases - join Alium Green Button game by the end of March!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Alium in figures:

  • More than 8k Monthly Active Users
  • $USDT 1.000.000+ Trading Volume
  • 8+ Security Audits by reputable companies

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Dear Team of,

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and meet with your team about the Community Verification Process. We enjoyed learning more about your business as well as your features and product direction. We regret to inform you that we’ve to Decline your application due to the lack of necessary Content Requirements for passing the CEG, which are described at Proposal Requirements - Community Ecosystem Governance

  • Uniqueness Factor - in the process of checking, only DEX Route connected to Netswap is available;
  • Product Features are not built on Metis;

Once you get missing Content Requirements, feel free to submit the proposal again in CVP in Review category, and we will be happy to resume the process

Thank you for your consideration.

Metis Team