Barsik; The Mascot of Metis Chain

Barsik Community, nestled in the heart of the Metis chain, This purrfectly named memecoin was created on December 16th ,2023. There was no presale or airdrops. It was a fair stealth launch with no taxes and a vibing community .

Barsik is named after Natalia’s beloved pet cat and Barsik is more than just a memecoin on the Metis chain, it’s a symbol of community and innovation. it has built infrastructures to help the metis ecosystem that will benefit investors and builders alike.

Barsik Tools; Through the creation of tools neccessary to supplement the Metis ecosystem, we can begin to generate consistent streams of revenue to benefit holders in the form of token accumulation, additional liquidity, and accruing long-term partnerships.
Barsik’s roots began as a traditional memecoin but Through our evolution and rapid growth, we have crafted the steps to make our community’s ambitions a reality. Part of the infrastructures created by Barsik is the Barsik tools.

Barsik Tools:

  1. Token Locker:
  • Implementing a Token Locker will enable builders and investors to lock tokens for specific durations, promoting stability and security . This will instill confidence among investors. The Token Locker can be customized to offer various locking options, such as time-based locks, vesting schedules, and unlock conditions, providing flexibility to holders while ensuring long-term commitment.
  1. Liquidity Locker:
  • Integrating a Liquidity Locker will facilitate the management of liquidity pools. By locking liquidity for a predetermined period, it ensures the stability and depth of liquidity, enhancing trading efficiency. Again it offers some sense of security to investors.
  1. Multisender:
  • Introducing a Multisender tool will streamline token distribution and incentivization within the metis Community. This feature enables efficient distribution of rewards, airdrops, and promotional tokens to multiple recipients simultaneously.
  • With Multisender, administrators can execute mass token transfers securely and transparently, fostering community engagement and participation in various initiatives.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem:

  • By offering a piece of the “founders’ cat” trend, Barsik entices new holders to join the Metis ecosystem. These new users bring fresh energy and potential to the Metis network, expanding its reach and community. By embracing MEMEcoin’s ethos of creativity and experimentation, Metis can pioneer new trends and paradigms in decentralized finance, establishing itself as a thought leader and trendsetter in the industry

  • Integration with Barsik Community will expand the adoption and utility of the Metis Protocol, attracting a diverse user base and increasing transaction volume.

  • The charitable initiatives and community engagement efforts of Barsik will enhance the reputation and social impact of Metis, aligning with its values of empowerment and inclusivity.Through collaboration with Barsik, Metis will gain access to a passionate and dedicated community, fostering long-term partnerships and driving mutual growth and success.

Community Accomplishments:
Barsik became the first memecoin on Metis to hit a $7 million all-time high (ATH), rocketing straight to the top. To cap that, Barsik also holds the title for the fastest growing memecoin ever with over 2500 followers on twitter handle, amassing a massive community of over 3000 holders.

Additionally,Barsik has organized and been invited spaces in which we gave opportunities for new members to ask questions, give feedback or suggestions, and to allow us to meet other digital communities.
Barsik has is on the verge of partnering with other like minded projects who push for a change in meme culture on

Barsik is to host charitable Visits to Animal Shelters and Orphanage homes once every other month. This events will be won by community members for their local shelters.

Some highlights from our last visit to the orphanage .

Official Links:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @BARSIK_Portal
Medium: Barsik Metis cat – Medium
CMC:BARSIK the Cat/Metis Real-time On-chain Netswap DEX Data

The integration of Barsik into the Metis ecosystem presents a unique opportunity for both platforms to unlock value, drive user adoption, and foster community engagement. By leveraging Barsik’s utility features and memecoin status, Metis can differentiate itself within the DeFi landscape, attract a diverse user base, and pioneer new trends in decentralized finance. Together, Metis and Barsik can shape the future of DeFi, combining utility with creativity to create a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem.

Below is the link to our medium account.


The lovely eyes of Barsik are absolutely irresistible and knowing that Barsik cares for the less privileged, has fuelled my love for this memecoin even more.

The benevolent activities of Barsik reflects the kindness and generosity of the Metis community, making it attractive to investors who would like to give back to their world.


Barsik the mascot of Metis is such a meme coin that a has an enthusiastic community that provides that sense of belonging and fun, which can create a positive feedback loop that attracts investment and can onboard normies to the entire Metis ecosystem.


Barsik has over 3500 holders and it onboarded me to Metis,as a new investor to the ecosystem.
Barsik being the first meme cat on metis with so much love for both human and animals. Go Barsik


I support this proposal. Barsik is my favourite meme, the truly masot of Metis itself

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It’s a wonderful thing to have come across and know about this noble Meme Cat/Coin like Barsik, that supports and cares for the less privilege.
Barsik has a community that impacts in the lives of many to fulfil their dreams. We Love Barsik.

Hi Barsik.

your community engagement initiatives are commendable. How will these activities be scaled as the community grows, and what metrics will be used to assess their impact?
Also, as concerns the regular charitable events. How does Barsik plan to maintain transparency and accountability in its charitable endeavors?

Thank you for your questions

  1. Barsik will eventually have a DAO, where the community will get to use their votes to decide on important decisions.

  2. We have a few partnerships and working on closing more partnerships that would invariably benefit thr community. And in some cases, incentive out holders. Will throw more light on this at the appropriate time.

  3. Our Charity events will be alternately done between animal shelter visits and pediatric orphanage visits. The most engaging community members who have shown commitments will be chosen for this . We are a 0 tax token, so whatever charity events hosted by Barsik is sponsored out of pocket by the founder.

Thank you

Thank you for your support