Building a Community

Hello Everyone…

We are small but mighty and on our way to earth ---- TheSaiyajins

We are participating in the DAOtribution Campaign and are new to MetisDAO. Only stumbled upon MetisDAO and their ecosystem from a few weeks ago, but so excited how everything is created here and especially how it should be. WOW… thank you for this… :slight_smile:

Well… as I said, we are still small and at the beginning of our mission. We are from Switzerland and are in the Web3 Space on the way and want to bring this new “world” to the people finally closer. For this we want to offer trainings, onboard people, explain the technology and show the Web3 ideology.

If there are similar projects already running on Metis or planned, we are happy and very interested in partnerships. Or also inputs, because as said, a lot is new for us - but we will master the way, because we are JINs!!!

Also we are looking for people who want to participate and realize TheSaiyajin as a DAC. We are also happy to receive any feedback and tips on how to build such a community.

on are already rough information published and is constantly updated… :slight_smile:

More information can also be found here… NUVOPASS SCHISCHU

Our goal is to use Web3.0 through exclusive events and to build an academy, where not only theory is taught, but also how to move in Web3.0. And to bring together many like-minded and interested people through TheSaiyajin Events… :slight_smile:

Imagine… No entrance fee, no invitation… everyone is welcome at the events, only everyone has to mint his own ticket and show a verifiable credential for the age of majority… but also for minors, events will take place… Don’t be afraid. Let’s arrive first…

Thank you and everyone is welcome to join TheSaiyajin… Because more JINs are needed to enable a democratic and decentralized future where everyone can have control over their data and assets.

Through our community, we want to help shape and promote this future.


Yep. Let’s build the community Metis! Great opportunity

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