Bulma Finance - Financial Contracts as Semi-Fungible Tokens on $METIS

BulmaFinance will be the first decentralized marketplace on Metis for creating, trading and managing vouchers: Semi Fungible Tokens that represent financial rights.

Vouchers are a novel asset class designed to meet a variety of goals: fundraising, community-building, liquidity bootstrapping, treasury diversification and risk mitigation. BulmaFinance is based on the Solv Protocol. We use the low-cost, fast transaction nature of Metis to secure sufficient liquidity for vouchers with our unique designated market-maker program and implied price-feed ensuring investors can trade their vouchers with little to no friction.

read about them here–> Financial NFTs - Solv Documentation


Docs: https://docs.bulmafinance.com/
Website: https://twitter.com/bulmafi
Twitter: https://bulmafinance.com/

Price Talk TG: Telegram: Contact @bulmafi
Development TG: Telegram: Contact @bulmafin

UI sneak peek::eyes:


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