Can we save Pinacotheca?

Pinacotheca saw an unfortunate premature ending to their NFT marketplace project and goal of accumulating a large share of the veHERMES nft. @Lobster and @CRX are awesome devs and even with the project currently issuing refunds to those who bought in, the community isn’t leaving. We need good devs and teams like this to survive and build on Metis. 2 things lead to them suddenly not making it. 1st is simply that Metis failed to or decided not to acknowledge them as an official partner. That was the first setback and out of their control. Then the issue that resulted in the project being terminated was simply that the genesis sale (private) ended up being offered at a higher price than the initial public sale. Not becuase any plans changed, this is simply because its pegged to HERMES and $HERMES price went way down between the 2 sales. So as this community has proven to be wiser than most, people stayed away from the genesis sale as it was a higher price per PINA than public sale. I did not realize this would doom the project completely.
Is there a way to salvage this project in any way and make sure Lobster and team continue to build great things on Metis?

Cheers to all, would love to hear thoughts from the Pinacotheca team as well.