Co-marketing proposal for WOWMAX - the most efficient DEX aggregator launched on Metis


WOWMAX is an innovative DEX aggregator that seeks to restore equilibrium in the decentralized exchange (DEX) market through its unique back-run arbitrage system. By consolidating data from various DEXs, WOWMAX enables traders to maximize profits and minimize transaction costs by offering the best possible exchange rates.In 2024 the trading volume on WOWMAX platform grew 5-10 times per month, reaching $15.39 million/day on April 26, 2024

Value Proposition

WOWMAX stands out by offering superior exchange rates compared to standalone DEXs and other DEX aggregators. It employs a combination of DEX aggregation and on-chain arbitrage to optimize cryptocurrency trades, ensuring minimal slippage and enhanced profitability for traders.

Uniqueness Factor

What sets WOWMAX apart is its dual strategy of aggregation and arbitrage:

  1. DEX Aggregation: Breaks down large trades into smaller transactions across multiple DEXs, significantly reducing price impact.
  2. On-Chain Arbitrage: Monitors price fluctuations of native tokens like Metis Token capturing arbitrage opportunities across stablecoin and native token pools.

Benefits for Users

  • Optimal Rates: Ensures traders receive the best possible exchange rates across all DEXs.
  • Security: Strong protection against front-running attacks and a robust system design audited by Hacken with a top security rating.
  • Reduced Failures: Lowers the likelihood of transaction failures through precise execution and atomic transactions.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

By integrating WOWMAX into the Metis ecosystem, the platform can enhance liquidity, stabilize DEX prices, and attract a broader user base keen on leveraging sophisticated trading strategies. This integration promotes higher transaction volumes and increased stability across the ecosystem.



H2 2024

  • Achieve 100 million USD in daily trading volume.
  • Integrate with MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  • Expand to Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.
  • Support non-EVM chains like Aptos, ICP, Cardano, and Cosmos.

H1 2025

  • Become the #3 DEX aggregator by userbase and volume, aiming for 300 million USD daily.
  • Integrate into three major centralized exchanges to enhance liquidity.

H2 2025

  • Lead in decentralized trading infrastructure, integrating into TOP-20 Web3 wallets.
  • Capture over 50% of swap transactions.
  • Match Uniswap’s daily turnover of 1+ billion USD.


WOWMAX redefines the DEX aggregation landscape by offering unmatched exchange rates, advanced security features, and a dual approach to trade optimization. Its innovative technology not only benefits individual traders but also strengthens the overall DeFi ecosystem.
In 2024 the trading volume on WOWMAX platform grew 5-10 times per month, reaching $15.39 million/day on April 26, 2024

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Great proposal here Wowmax!:fire:

Really ambitious road map too… I’d love to know how you intend to carry out these goals especially regarding daily trading volume and market expansion.

Would also love to know how you plan to stay ahead in the DEX aggregation market given the increasing competition and changing user preferences. Thank you.