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Crypto Emergency - Crypto Social Network

Crypto Purpose
Unite crypto-enthusiasts all over the world on one multifunctional platform Crypto Emergency, which will give them all necessary tools to communicate, learn, earn money and create their own content.
Crypto Emergency Conception
We create a reliable and convenient digital ecosystem that includes its own blockchain with smart contracts, non-custodial crypto-purse and diverse support for crypto startups, a universal social network that supports all kinds of content (text, audio, video), an information and education portal that increases digital crypto-literacy of the world population, an automated platform for posting jobs and CVs.

Crypto Emergency’s own blockchain (CEM)

CEM Blockchain is an open-source public blockchain platform officially registered at
The benefits of the CEM blockchain:
One of the most reliable block validation algorithms - Proof of Authority;
High speed of transaction confirmation - 3 seconds;
One of the lowest commissions for gas;
Easy and convenient issue of smart contracts;
Possibility to issue NFT tokens;
Easy integration with most popular wallets, including Metamask, Trust Wallet, and our own CEM Wallet;
The possibility of use in a variety of sectors of the economy, from virtual assets to large-scale production or government agencies.

Crypto Social Network

The world’s first specialized social network for interaction of all participants of the international crypto-market, which is not inferior in its capabilities of publishing content and communication to such social media as Facebook and Instagram
At the moment, the platform supports 60 languages, which gives almost limitless possibilities for communication, searching and posting materials.
The Crypto Emergency social network supports the Create-2-Earn tokenized model. Useful actions on the platform as well as content creation will be rewarded with the platform’s internal points, which can later be exchanged for CEM blockchain tokens.
The Crypto Emergency team developed a concept to move the social network to a decentralized model where all entries are stored in a blockchain and content is moderated by community members.

Questions and Answers Block

This block is designed for convenient interaction of crypto-enthusiasts around the world - everyone will be able to ask their first question about the crypto-world in any convenient (text, photo, audio, video) format and get a competent answer from more experienced users online.
The use of different formats for interaction on this block sets us apart from outdated models such as Bitcointalk, Habr and others.

Messenger and Community Chats

The messenger within our platform will not be inferior in security and capabilities to popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber.
Community chats will allow you to create public or private spaces for online events or just to chat with people from all over the world.

News Block
Placement of fresh and relevant news about the crypto-world in different languages with the possibility of discussion for platform users. This block is one of the first to be connected to the blockchain to ensure authenticity of fixing events that occurred in the crypto industry.

Platform for launching and supporting (acceleration) startups

The section will attract new projects to the platform, which are looking for an audience, promotion, technical opportunities and investors.
CEM blockchain provides easy access to the issuance of smart contracts, allowing any project to be tokenized. Blockchain’s integration capabilities with other networks will expand the potential for interaction with new users.
Blockchain’s speed and low fees will make new startups more attractive and give them a competitive advantage over networks like Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

NFT on the blockchain

Creative individuals, our collaborations with online art galleries, and the CryptoEmergency team’s own vision for using NFT tokens in the real economy and in the digital world will bring new degrees of freedom and realization to this emerging market.
Publication of NFT-collections (NFT-market) and placement of NFT-projects on our platform will be implemented in the near future.

Crypto University

One of our missions is to increase crypto, digital and financial literacy of the world population. Creating this section is a priority for our team.
At our university, everyone can gain knowledge, from the most basic to highly specialized, some will improve the security of their funds, while others will discover new horizons for career growth and development.
We plan to implement various training formats, from classical ones (videos, longreads) to online lectures in the metaverse.
Users with a high ranking in the Crypto Emergency ecosystem will be able to access some tutorials for free.
Those who have completed the training will be assisted in finding employment with Crypto Emergency partners.


By uniting crypto-enthusiasts with crypto-market professionals, community members with projects and startups, we want every Crypto Emergency ecosystem user to find their own gain - we implement WIN/WIN model.
Connecting job seekers with employers, projects with freelancers is one strategy of this model. We help people from all over the world find jobs in the crypto and IT industries.

CEM Wallet

Non-custodial CEM Wallet is a decentralized and reliable way to store cryptocurrencies.
Multichain wallet allows you to store any cryptocurrency, including Stablecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB;
Fast and convenient SWAP for any cryptocurrency;
Storing, displaying, selling, exchanging NFT tokens inside the wallet;
Staking from different projects;
Private keys are stored only on the user side.


Our Wiki-encyclopedia about the crypto industry will allow with the help of the Crypto Emergency community to collect all known information in one place, which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world and for free.
The information in this encyclopedia will be invaluable.
Together with Q&A and Crypto University blocks, the Cryptopedia section will make it possible to raise the crypto-literacy of the world’s population as quickly as possible.

Crypto Emergency cryptosocial network

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