Culture Protocol - RWA based collaterized Lending protocol

About Culture protocol:

On-chain credit protocol for Global Alternative Assets. RWA lending/borrowing protocol. Our mission is to diversify investments of Lenders and onboard businesses into Trade finance, Green finance, Supply Chain finance wiht the on-chain facility.

Unique about Culture Protocol:

Culture Protocol focusses on On-chain finance & diversification of Assets. From step 1, our protocol, provides the opportunity to onboard different Loan categories such as Green Finance(Green Bond Finance, Infrastructure tokenization (Bitcoin Mining firms & GPU Providers), Carbon finance), Traditional Finance, Supply chain Finance (Private credit loans in different Asset categories and connecting Supplier to Manufacturer to Retailer) etc…

Culture protocol is collaterized lending protocol, every borrower will access to liquidity after locking the collateral in smart contracts. Rather than trusting more about platform, we’ll create the environment, where the Investors will trust the businesses and deploy the capital and enjoy the fixed Interests.

In upcoming months, we’ll onboard few service providers, such as On-chain Due diligence protocols with the asset monitoring solutions using IOTs, which doubles the trust of Investors on Asset lending.

Gitbook: Overview | Culture Protocol

  1. How does Culture Protocol’s approach to on-chain collateralized lending and diversification of loan categories, such as Green Finance and Supply Chain Finance, create a trustworthy environment for investors and borrowers?

  2. In what ways will the integration of on-chain due diligence protocols and IoT-based asset monitoring solutions enhance investor confidence and the overall functionality of Culture Protocol’s RWA lending/borrowing platform?