CVP: Approve Project Partnership Omni X ONFT Launchpad

Rebekka here, COO of Omni X Launchpad powered by LayerZero👋

What is Omni X

Omni X is an innovative omnichain NFT launchpad built on LayerZero. Our platform transcends the limitations of single-chain systems to enhance the overall user experience. Focused on genuine omnichain interoperability, Omni X enables artists, DeFi protocols, and game developers to mint and distribute their digital assets across multiple blockchains, thereby creating an engaging experience for its users with the power of NFTs.

At the heart of Omni X is our active Web3 community, filled with individuals eager to be part of something larger. By supporting various blockchain networks, we offer flexibility and opportunities for creators to explore different chains. Omni X is designed to welcome a broad range of users into any blockchain environment, making it a versatile and inclusive option for the community.

Proposal Objective: Review and approve Omni X as Community Verified Project

We’re reaching out to request our inclusion on the Metis ecosystem page in the NFT category and to obtain the Community Verified Project badge. We’ve launched three ONFT collections on Metis, allowing our users to bridge their assets and engage with the Metis chain, thus enhancing their on-chain activity. You can view Omni X’s impact on Metis here.

What’s in it for MetisDAO and Metis users

  • Empowered NFT Ecosystem: Metis users gain a reliable ONFT launchpad with Omni X, capable of supporting both Metis-exclusive mints and omnichain drops that can be bridged to Metis. This not only propels Metis into the spotlight through NFTs but also enhances the chain’s appeal by enabling users to effortlessly bridge their cherished assets, unlocking a plethora of on-chain activities.
  • Long-term Collaboration: The Omni X team is enthusiastic about forging a lasting partnership with MetisDAO and its vibrant community. Our shared vision of nurturing creativity and launching NFT and ONFT collections promises to enrich the Metis ecosystem with an array of art and digital collectibles.
  • Metis Exclusive Experiences: We’re excited to work closely with MetisDAO to create special mint-and-bridge campaigns just for Metis. These efforts aim to give both current users and newcomers fun and engaging ways to explore Metis’s active DeFi ecosystem.
  • Broadening the Metis Community: By leveraging the Omni X existing vibrant community, we aim to introduce a wider audience to Metis. Our community thrives on exploring the most innovative and trending chains, and we’re confident that our power users will significantly energize the NFT space within the Metis ecosystem. We are excited about the opportunity to unleash the potential of the Omni X community on Metis, fostering growth and welcoming new users to explore and enrich the Metis platform.

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Very exciting project! I feel your launchpad can really jolt some energy into the Metis NFT ecosystem during this time of enhanced activity and volume (aka bull run :slightly_smiling_face: ).

I think there are great potential partnerships with Metis eco projects. One that sticks out in particular is CERUS which is developing an ONFT launch. CERUS is a Metis CVP and has ONFTs built on Layer Zero, not released yet. I believe your launchpad has synergy with our ecosystem already and will only grow the NFT space here.

A few questions I have:

  1. How big is your community?
  2. Which chains have you focused on already?
  3. Can you give an example of what an ONFT launch would look like in your proposed “mint and bridge” campaign on Metis?

Thank you, and good luck!