CVP Proposal: 0xGasless Account Abstraction - Metis Integration partnership

Greetings Metis Community,

We are thrilled to introduce 0xGasless, a state-of-the-art ERC 4337 compliant account abstraction SDK that is set to revolutionize the user experience on the Metis Andromeda chain. Our mission is to break down barriers to entry and make interacting with the Metis ecosystem seamless and accessible for all.

Introducing 0xGasless:

0xGasless is a comprehensive account abstraction solution that includes a highly efficient bundler, a flexible paymaster, modular smart contract accounts, and an intuitive SDK to tie it all together. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a cost-effective and user-friendly solution that outperforms our competitors.

The 0xGasless Advantage:

  1. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Our optimized implementation of the ERC 4337 standard ensures that transactions are processed quickly and at a lower cost compared to other account abstraction solutions. This means users can enjoy a seamless experience without worrying about high gas fees.
  2. Flexible Paymaster: Our paymaster allows developers to customize gas payment strategies, enabling them to subsidize or completely cover gas fees for their users. This flexibility empowers developers to create unique user experiences tailored to their application’s needs.
  3. Modular Smart Contract Accounts: Our modular smart contract accounts provide developers with the tools to create feature-rich and customizable wallet experiences. From social logins to biometric authentication and session keys, developers can leverage our SDK to build wallets that cater to their users’ preferences.
  4. Seamless Integration: Integrating 0xGasless into your Metis-based application is a breeze. Our well-documented SDK and dedicated support team are here to assist developers every step of the way, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Proposal for Metis Ecosystem:

We propose a strategic partnership between 0xGasless and the Metis ecosystem to bring the benefits of account abstraction to developers and users alike:

  1. Invite new startups: We’ll funnel innovative projects into Metis: 0xGas labs incubated projects will receive guidance and support to launch on the Metis chain, unlocking their full potential.
  2. Integration Support: Our team will work closely with Metis-based projects to integrate 0xGasless into their applications. We will provide technical assistance, documentation, and resources to ensure a successful implementation.
  3. Co-Marketing Initiatives: We will collaborate with the Metis team and community to promote the adoption of account abstraction through joint AMAs, blog posts, and social media campaigns. Our aim is to educate developers and users about the benefits of 0xGasless and how it can enhance their experience on the Metis chain.
  4. Continuous Innovation: As the ERC 4337 standard evolves, we commit to staying at the forefront of account abstraction technology. We will actively contribute to the standard’s development and incorporate new features and improvements into 0xGasless, ensuring that Metis users always have access to the latest and greatest account abstraction solutions.

Measurable Milestones:

  1. Successful integration of 0xGasless into at least 5 Metis-based applications within the first 3 months of the partnership.
  2. Co-hosting 2 AMAs with the Metis team and community to raise awareness about account abstraction and 0xGasless.
  3. Achieving a 20% reduction in average gas costs for users interacting with 0xGasless-integrated applications compared to traditional wallet solutions.

We are excited about the potential of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the Metis ecosystem. By combining our cutting-edge technology with Metis’s vibrant community and impressive DeFi capabilities, we can create a more inclusive and user-friendly environment for all.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to working with the Metis team and community to bring the power of account abstraction to the masses.

Best regards,
The 0xGasless Team


Hello OxGasless,
With the introduction of modular smart contract accounts, what security measures are in place to prevent potential exploits? also something similar to the question I asked on owl protocol’s proposal, how does the integration of social logins and biometric authentication improve the onboarding process for new users compared to traditional methods?

Hello Maverick,

Thank you for your excellent questions! Let me address each of them in turn.

Regarding the security measures in place for our modular smart contract accounts:

  1. Our smart contract accounts undergo rigorous security audits by reputable third-party firms to identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities. We are committed to maintaining the highest security standards to protect our users’ assets.

  2. We implement multi-signature capabilities, allowing users to set up additional layers of authorization for sensitive transactions. This adds an extra level of protection against unauthorized access.

  3. Our team actively monitors the blockchain for any suspicious activities or potential exploits. We have contingency plans in place to swiftly address and mitigate any security threats.

  4. We employ industry best practices, such as secure coding standards, extensive testing, and continuous monitoring, to ensure the robustness and reliability of our smart contract accounts.

Now, let’s discuss how the integration of social logins and biometric authentication improves the onboarding process:

  1. Familiarity: Many users are already accustomed to using social logins for various online services. By offering the option to create an account using their existing social media profiles, we reduce the friction in the onboarding process and make it more familiar and comfortable for new users.

  2. Simplified account creation: With social logins, users can create an account with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to fill out lengthy registration forms or remember additional passwords. This streamlined process lowers the barrier to entry and encourages more users to explore the Metis ecosystem.

  3. Enhanced security: Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, adds an extra layer of security to user accounts. Unlike passwords, which can be guessed or stolen, biometric data is unique to each individual. This makes it much more challenging for attackers to gain unauthorized access to user accounts.

  4. Seamless cross-device access: By leveraging social logins and biometric authentication, users can easily access their accounts across multiple devices without the need to remember complex passwords or go through cumbersome recovery processes. This convenience encourages users to engage with Metis-based applications more frequently and seamlessly.

We believe that the combination of robust security measures and user-friendly onboarding processes will contribute to the widespread adoption of the Metis ecosystem. 0xGasless is committed to providing a secure and accessible experience for all users, and we look forward to working closely with the Metis community to achieve this goal.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards,
The 0xGasless Team

Thank you for your offer. I had a few questions for you;

How does 1-0xgasless enable fast and lower cost processing of transactions compared to other account abstraction solutions in an ERC 4337 standard optimized implementation?

2-How do you aim to raise awareness of Metis’ benefits and encourage adoption of its network and services through targeted marketing efforts, community engagement initiatives and strategic partnerships?

Hello farmer6258,

Thank you for your insightful questions! We appreciate your interest in 0xGasless and our proposed partnership with Metis. Let me address each of your questions in detail.

  1. How does 0xGasless enable fast and lower-cost processing of transactions compared to other account abstraction solutions in an ERC 4337 standard optimized implementation?

At 0xGasless, we have developed a highly efficient implementation of the ERC 4337 standard that sets us apart from other account abstraction solutions. Here’s how we achieve faster and lower-cost transaction processing:

a. Optimized Bundler: Our bundler is designed to aggregate and process transactions in a highly optimized manner. By leveraging advanced algorithms and parallel processing techniques, we can minimize the overhead associated with transaction bundling, resulting in faster confirmation times and reduced gas costs.

b. Gas-Efficient Smart Contracts: Our modular smart contract accounts are meticulously crafted to minimize gas consumption. We employ best practices such as code optimization, gas-efficient data structures, and minimized storage usage to ensure that our contracts execute efficiently, thereby reducing the overall gas costs for users.

c. Batched Transactions: 0xGasless employs techniques like transaction batching to further optimize gas usage. By grouping multiple transactions together and processing them as a single batch, we can distribute the gas costs across multiple users, resulting in lower individual transaction fees.

d. Customizable Gas Strategies: Our flexible paymaster allows developers to implement custom gas payment strategies. This enables them to optimize gas costs based on their specific use case, such as subsidizing gas fees for certain user actions or implementing gas token rebates. This level of customization helps minimize the gas burden on end-users.

  1. How do you aim to raise awareness of Metis’ benefits and encourage adoption of its network and services through targeted marketing efforts, community engagement initiatives, and strategic partnerships?

The most significant aspect of our proposal is that 0xGasless will serve as a pipeline to feed new projects into the Metis ecosystem. We are currently working with some projects still in their early stages via 0xGas Labs, which we can direct to Metis when they are ready to deploy. Here’s how we plan to raise awareness and encourage adoption:

a. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: We will collaborate with the Metis marketing team to develop targeted campaigns that highlight the benefits of the Metis ecosystem, such as its scalability, low transaction costs, and robust DeFi capabilities. These campaigns will include content marketing, social media promotions, and influencer partnerships to reach a wide audience.

b. Community Engagement Initiatives: 0xGasless will actively engage with the Metis community through various channels, such as social media, blog posts, and community forums. We will share educational content, host AMAs, and participate in community discussions to foster a deeper understanding of account abstraction and its potential to enhance the user experience on Metis.

c. Strategic Partnerships: We will actively seek partnerships with prominent projects and dapps within the Metis ecosystem. By integrating 0xGasless into their applications and showcasing the benefits of account abstraction, we can drive adoption and attract more users to the Metis network. These partnerships will also provide opportunities for cross-promotion and collaborative marketing efforts.

d. Developer Outreach: 0xGasless will engage with the developer community by providing comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and support for integrating our account abstraction solution. By making it easier for developers to build on Metis and leverage the power of account abstraction, we can encourage the creation of more innovative and user-friendly applications, further driving adoption.

We believe that through a combination of targeted marketing, community engagement, strategic partnerships, and developer support, we can effectively raise awareness of Metis’ benefits and foster widespread adoption of its network and services.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, we would be delighted to discuss them further!

Best regards,
The 0xGasless Team

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