CVP Proposal: A51 Finance

A51 is building a remote control for liquidity position offering a superior interface to interact with Uniswap v3 and other concentrated DEXs. Allowing LPs to have more control over their liquidity position, and helping them earn higher yield and enhancing the user experience of liquidity provider.

1. Rebalancing Strategy: LPs can define how their liquidity responds by selecting mode (Bull, Bear, and Dynamic) to adjust liquidity based on macro market trends.
2. Exit Preference: Enables automatic execution of liquidity exit strategies based on set parameters.
3. Liquidity Distribution: LPs can determine how liquidity should be distributed with options such as exponential, flat, or single tick available out of the box.
4. Hedging: Provides LPs with the option to hedge their positions through borrowing or options trading.

Given the extensive research that has recently been done into liquidity provision, we’re committed to equipping LPs on Metis with tools to design advanced strategies during the lifecycle of a liquidity position. In that sense, an official support from the Metis Foundation will be crucial for protocol growth and awareness. Co-marketing and fostering partnerships within Metis’ ecosystem will be expected in order for us to fully deploy A51’s potential.

A superior interface built on top of HerculesDEX and other concentrated DEXs on Metis for active LPs. Equipping LPs with advanced tools to build autonomous strategies and have better control over their liquidity.This integration will allow LPs, in addition to setting ranges, to be able to specify when a rebalancing occurs, how the liquidity should be distributed, and how to hedge against the risks. In doing so, DEXs will get:

  1. Improve PnL for their users by offering these automations.
  2. Attract a diverse user base, including more experienced and strategic LPs.
  3. Become the first DEX to introduce advanced liquidity management for active LPs.

A51 charges a fixed base fee from LPs to use its automation layer. 50% of that goes to A51 stakers, and the other 50% initially goes to buy-back the tokens, and later will go directly to fund protocol development.Additionally A51 token will be used for governance purposes and an additional discount to be given to LPs who are holding A51 on using the protocol.

In Q1 March 2024, we kicked off a rewards program called the Moon Rock Hunt. It’s a 3-month long program based on 3 phases.The purpose is for the A51 users to earn points by using the A51 protocol:

  • Depositing liquidity
  • Creating and managing strategies
  • Referring A51 to their friends

After collecting moon rocks (aka points) for 3 months, the users will become eligible for the confirmed $A51 token drop which is scheduled in Q3 2024.
The points earned will be converted to $A51 tokens

Gitbook: Introduction | A51 Finance
Audit: concentrated-liquidity-tool/audits/Hashlock at main · a51finance/concentrated-liquidity-tool · GitHub

Thanks for the offer. I have a few questions for you, please answer them;

1-A51’in likidite sağlayıcılarına sağladığı yeniden dengeleme stratejileri, likidite pozisyonlarını nasıl etkiliyor ve kullanıcıların piyasa eğilimlerine nasıl tepki vermesine yardımcı oluyor?

2-A51’in çıkış tercihi özelliği, likidite sağlayıcılarına hangi avantajlar sağlıyor ve bu özellik nasıl çalışıyor?

3-Likidite dağılımı seçeneklerinin kullanıcıya sağladığı esneklik nedir ve likiditenin bu şekilde dağıtılması, kullanıcıların nasıl fayda sağlamasına yardımcı oluyor?

4-Riskten korunma seçenekleri, likidite sağlayıcılarına hangi avantajlar sunuyor ve platform, kullanıcıların pozisyonlarını korumak için hangi araçları sağlıyor?

5-A51 tokeni, platformun nasıl işleyişini finanse ediyor ve kullanıcıların platformda nasıl ödüller kazanmasına ve tokeni kullanmasına izin veriyor?

Hey there, great proposal here!

I’m really looking forward to seeing what A51 brings to the table for Metis! Having features like rebalancing strategies and hedging solutions all in one platform is going to be incredibly beneficial for liquidity providers trying to manage their positions better.

Good to know that you’ll also be collaborating with other Dexes in the Metis ecosystem, like Hercules. And regarding the moon rock hunt, I’m interested! I hope I’m not too late to join in?

I voted for you guys in the polls, and it’s awesome to have your team joining us on Metis!