CVP Proposal: Accumulated Finance

Accumulated Finance is an omnichain liquid staking protocol integrated with Curve.


stMETIS liquid staking, based on the Metis sequencer pool rewards, is already deployed on Ethereum Sepolia & Metis Sepolia!

Accumulated Finance empowers users to unlock the true value of staked METIS through a seamless and innovative process.

Key Protocol Features

  • Mint stMETIS: Convert staked METIS into Liquid Staking tokens for enhanced liquidity.
  • Earn Rewards: Stake stMETIS to receive both underlying staking rewards and ACFI discounted staking options.
  • DeFi Integration: Utilize wrapped stMETIS in various DeFi applications such as loans, leverage trading, and restaking – while keep earning staking rewards.
  • Omnichain Compatibility: Seamlessly transfer stMETIS between different blockchain networks using the xERC20 standard.

stMETIS Live on the Testnet

We have deployed omnichain METIS liquid staking on Metis Sepolia & Ethereum Sepolia and the Metis community is welcome to join the testing on our omnichain frontend:

stMETIS Roadmap
We are ready to deploy omnichain stMETIS liquid staking on the Metis and Ethereum mainnets, and on other EVM chains, where METIS will have traction and trading in the future.

To bring an additional utility to stMETIS LST, we plan to:

  1. Integrate Metis with Curve ecosystem
  2. wstMETIS integration with lending protocols (Aave, Granary, crvUSD, Inverse Finance, Silo Finance, and others)
  3. Leveraged stMETIS staking strategies
  4. Cross-chain stMETIS transfers using xERC20 standard
  5. Accumulated Finance’s ACFI rewards for stMETIS liquid stakers
  6. Integrations with crypto platforms for institutions
  7. Integrations with CEXs

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @accumulatedfi
Discord: Accumulated Finance
Medium: Accumulated Finance

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