CVP Proposal: Add Envio to Metis Ecosystem Page

We recently listed Envio as a supported real-time data indexing framework in the Metis Developer Documentation including a tutorial, which can be viewed here:

We also held a developer workshop and did some co-marketing with Metis:

As an ecosystem partner, Envio is looking to be listed on the Metis Ecosystem Page on the Landing Site: Ecosystem – Metis-Smart L2


Envio is a modern, multi-chain EVM blockchain indexing framework speed-optimized for querying real-time and historical data.

Infrastructure / Developer Tooling / Data Indexer

Target audience:
Metis Developers and Data Analysts

Use cases:
Dapps, Wallets, Explorers, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Notifications

Additional Background Context:
Envio is a supported real-time data indexing framework on Metis, which includes hyper-performant data infrastructure that is capable of syncing Metis data 100x faster than standard RPC (RPC is optional). This greatly improves the developer experience on Metis, and significantly increases application performance for improved user experience.

What is Envio?
Envio is a feature-rich indexing solution that provides application developers and data analysts with a seamless and efficient way to index and aggregate real-time or historical blockchain data. The indexed data is easily accessible through custom GraphQL queries, providing developers with the flexibility and power to retrieve specific information. Envio offers native support for Metis (mainnet and testnet) and has been designed to support high-throughput blockchain applications that rely on real-time data for their business requirements.

Envio has also onboarded its accelerated data query layer, Hypersync, onto Metis at no cost to the Metis foundation. HyperSync is a hyper-performant and resilient database, providing APIs that bypass JSON-RPC for 100x faster syncing of historical data. HyperSync by default powers the indexer, with the use of RPC being optional. Using HyperSync, application developers do not need to worry about RPC URLs, rate-limiting, or managing infrastructure and can easily sync large datasets in a few minutes, something that would usually take hours or days via RPC. HyperSync is also available as a standalone API for data analytic use cases. Data analysts can interact with the HyperSync API using JavaScript, Python, or Rust clients and extract data in JSON, Arrow, or Parquet formats.

What problem does Envio solve and what is Envio’s value proposition for Metis ecosystem?
At Envio, our mission is to solve the data query problem, empowering developers and data analysts on Metis with significantly faster, cheaper, and more flexible access to Metis data, and thereby reducing costs in terms of development time and increasing the responsiveness of Metis applications for improved user experience. Improved user experience = increased adoption.

We have onboarded our accelerated data query layer, HyperSync, empowering Metis developers with 100x faster sync speeds than standard RPC methods: HyperSync | Envio

We conducted a performance benchmarking exercise comparing common indexing frameworks, where we accomplished indexing 5 million Uniswap events in under 10 minutes. In contrast, it takes traditional indexers 16 hrs & 40 min to index the same events.

Please see here for reference: Race to the Blocks: Benchmarking Blockchain Indexer Sync Speeds | Envio

Envio has also included a tutorial on our no-code contract import feature, allowing Metis developers to create an Indexer and queryable API for single or multiple smart contracts in less than 5 minutes, emphasizing our priority on developer experience.

So In the context of blockchain data indexing and query optimization, how does Envio’s utilization of Hypersync as a hyper-performant database layer contribute to enhancing the scalability, reliability, and accessibility of real-time and historical data for developers and data analysts within the Metis ecosystem, and what implications does this have for the evolution of blockchain-based applications and data analytics workflows on Metis?

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Great question @Bells!

Envio’s HyperIndex allows developers building on Metis to instantly index, aggregate and sync millions of smart contract events and gain access to real-time and historical data on Metis 100x faster than standard RPC. :zap:

Envio will empower developers and data analysts on Metis with significantly faster, cheaper, and more flexible access to Metis data, reducing developer costs, saving time and increasing the responsiveness and reliability of applications built on Metis improving the overall user experience.

If you have any more technical questions or would like to dive a little deeper we’d love to have you hop in our Discord. :smile:

Amazing proposal! This innovation will make Metis more scalable, fast and developer friendly. With the APIs, are there any factors that can cause data vulnerability?