CVP Proposal: AirLyft One, your decentralized growth, loyalty, and onboarding platform


AirLyft is a decentralised growth, loyalty, and onboarding platform for projects to establish, expand, and engage their community. It is a feature-rich platform to incentivise on-chain/off-chain actions hosted by the projects for the community. AirLyft automates the validation, reward creation, and distribution, thereby saving hours of marketing & development effort.

Value Proposition

For the value proposition on why we want to build on the Metis Ecosystem, firstly we are here not just to help grow Metis as a community but AirLyft caters to the entire Metis Ecosystem which means that with this integration, any dApps building on Metis (DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, or any category) can also avail and leverage this integration for their growth purpose. We aim to introduce a better way to decentralized growth, loyalty, onboarding, and community engagement in the Metis Ecosystem. Being a multichain platform, we also help users and Web 3 projects on different blockchains onboard onto Metis and participate actively in the ecosystem. Hence AirLyft acts like a gateway for projects and blockchain lovers to be part of your awesome ecosystem by creating a perfect onboarding flow for projects.

Uniqueness Factor

  • AirLyft has a unique reward locking mechanism that enables projects to use their existing tokens/NFTs as rewards by locking them safely on-chain. For locked tokens, users have a guarantee that they will receive the reward if they win, and projects don’t have to worry about distribution.

  • AirLyft is the sole growth platform that allows users to create their own fungible and non-fungible tokens and distribute them as rewards. These can be used as on-chain proof of participation which opens up several opportunities for the project to incentivise its community.

  • AirLyft interacts with smart contracts for validating user activity. Organizations can simply create learn-to-earn campaigns at AirLyft & can reward users based on the activities they perform at the organization’s dApp. For example, a Uniswap-kind DEX can ask users to stake, add liquidity or swap certain tokens, add these as tasks of a contest, and AirLyft verifies all actions on-chain.

  • In total, the platform supports more than 35 different tasks that projects can ask users to do. Including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, REST APIs, Blockchain explorers, and integrations with indexers through GraphQL.

  • AirLyft has an exposable API & webhooks that projects can leverage for custom features. For example, launchpads can use our webhooks to whitelist users for performing some social actions.

  • AirLyft is the only platform in the market that allows projects to verify actions on multiple blockchains in a single campaign.

  • The platform also supports multiple reward amounts, types as well as different distribution strategies, in a single campaign. For example, a project can give 0.1 ETH to the top 5 winners, 10 USDC to the next 10, and a participation NFT to a random 100.

Benefits for Users

Let’s take a look in-depth at the problem first. In the present blockchain industry, companies are excellent at creating products, but when it comes to marketing and expanding their community, these products fail to obtain the necessary momentum, which causes the growth curve to eventually flatten out significantly. The following are some of the issues:

  • Bots or multiple accounts are used by a few users to gain an unfair advantage in contests, which demotivates the real community members from participation.

  • Product Adoption is very low which is only 2% of the conversion. It takes hours to design & develop a contest that will captivate participants and teach them about the project at the same time i.e. Learn To Earn campaigns.

  • Validating user’s actions on the blockchain, and connecting them with actions on other social media channels is a laborious task.

  • Collecting the wallet addresses of winners & distributing rewards is a cumbersome activity which takes almost 80% of the marketing and community team effort.

  • Once users win a reward, they usually swap the same with other assets as they are unaware of the token applications.

  • Web3 users are scattered across blockchain/ecosystem silos & it is difficult for projects to attract and onboard users active on different chains.

And many more… AirLyft comprehensively addresses the challenges associated with campaign management by offering a unified platform equipped with a robust user interface. This platform enables seamless creation, release, and tracking processes, alleviating concerns related to the aforementioned issues. Our objective is to streamline your entire campaign workflow, allowing you to focus solely on result analysis. By automating tasks such as verification, validation, distribution, and adoption, AirLyft aims to optimize efficiency and save up to 90% of your marketing and community team’s time. Furthermore, a significant value proposition for users lies in the enhanced product adoption facilitated by our platform. This ensures that activities extend beyond the social aspect of the platform to encompass blockchain integration, providing a comprehensive and impactful solution


We have defined a set roadmap for AirLyft on the Metis Ecosystem which includes the development and integration of AirLyft on the blockchain.

Milestone 1:

Deliverables Summary: Integration of Metis into “Ecosystems” and development of the ability to read on-chain data on Metis Chain, with wallet connection capability.


  • Integrate Metis into the supported Ecosystems list that allows projects to select Metis as their ecosystem and participants to filter Metis projects directly.

  • Develop the ability to create quests based on Metis Smart Contracts by putting conditions on smart contract read functions directly from AirLyft.

  • Allow projects to create quests that support actions like “Hold X amount of Tokens” and assign points (Fuel & XP) to users.

  • Integrate the wallet in AirLyft so that users can sign a message and verify ownership, these wallet addresses will be used for verifying on chain quests.

  • Allow users to trade Fuel for various off-chain Rewards like coupons, vouchers or whitelists.

  • Extend the whitelist feature to support the Metis Network addresses for whitelisting and allow projects to configure campaigns with preconditions such as the owner of a certain wallet, email etc.

  • Development of certificate authority module to issue certificates on-chain to users for participation to prevent bot check mechanism.

Milestone 2:

Deliverables Summary: Development and deployment of “Air Token” Rust contracts on the Metis network, allowing projects to create and distribute NFTs over Metis.


  • Develop an “Air Token Controller” smart contract and associated UI on AirLyft to enable the creation of tokens as proof of participation and attendance NFTs directly on the Metis Network.

  • Develop distribution features in the contract of on-chain NFT distribution based on the distribution strategies.

  • Develop functionality for Metis projects to upload the custom token base URI or use our default base URI for their proof of participation.

  • Extend the claim feature to support Metis Network’s digital assets.

  • Allow the claiming of proof of participation NFTs by the participants on AirLyft.

Milestone 3:

Deliverables Summary: Develop & deploy “Air Pool” smart contracts. These enable projects to lock tokens & digital assets to use in their giveaways.


  • Develop and deploy ‘Air Pool’ smart contracts for Metis Network assets. With this, projects can create reward pools, lock their tokens, and utilize this reward pool to execute on-chain reward distribution of these assets directly on the Metis Network.

  • Extend support for the reusability of these reward pools. This would help projects lock Metis Network assets once in a reward pool and reuse portions of the pool across multiple campaigns.

  • Extend refund support of leftover rewards directly to the source wallet by signing a transaction on the Metis Network. In case there are rewards in a pool which were not utilized for a campaign, projects would have the ability to withdraw these assets using the source wallet.

  • Create support for Metis tokens which would include their reward locking, distribution, refund and all related activities.

  • Develop a feature for the creation of multiple reward distributions in the same event. For instance, projects can giveaway multiple tokens including NFTs in the same giveaway campaign.

  • REST and Block Explorer API Integration support for the Metis Network for projects to create further engaging campaigns.

  • Provide support for the in-house indexing protocols supported by Metis to create engaging on-chain actions.

  • Provide Leaderboard and SHOP functionalities to redeem rewards in the form of merchandise, coupons, secret codes, tokens, and many more.


Aligned with Metis’ overarching theme, “A BLOCKCHAIN FOR EVERYONE,” AirLyft is dedicated to providing an inclusive platform for all. In collaboration with Metis, we share a common goal of expediting the transition to Web3, fostering a world that is both accessible and decentralized. Our commitment extends to introducing the concept of enhanced product adoption through versatile integrations. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive support for the entire blockchain community, we have developed a product with a multi-support foundation. This approach ensures utility for all Dapps, whether in the realms of DeFi or GameFi, irrespective of their ecosystem. We firmly endorse the belief that seeking support should not only benefit the foundation but also contribute to the growth of Dapps across the blockchain.


We are a team of 6 people, with a combined experience of over 70 years! 5 are working full time & 1 part-time.

Chandra Bhushan Singh heads the product, operations, and investor relations. Has experience of 8 years in the corporate industry and moved from development to product management. He was also the co-founder of canUmeet.

Rachit Magon has over 10 years of development & team management experience & he has worked with scaling different products. Before this, he was the CTO of FakirInformatik GmbH and led a team that worked on software for giant EV corporations.

Surya Singh. With a master’s in software systems from an elite Indian institution, he has over 10+ years of experience in software development. He was also the Founder of canUmeet which is a revenue-generating appointment scheduling platform.

Muiz Nadeem dropped out of his master’s at UNSW Australia to fully devote his time towards building AirLyft. A goal-oriented individual with a zen personality who views product development as an art form. He has a decade-long experience in developing and managing enterprise software systems.

Neha Alreja is a full-stack developer who along with the development has extensive knowledge of partnerships and marketing. She is another core member handling the development and marketing end of Kyte.One! She was the founder of an ed-tech startup called TheSparkClub.

Aslam Shah is the UI Expert at Kyte.One and has more than twelve years of experience in application and full-stack development. He is an avid open source contributor and has also published a book on! He was also the founder of codedmails where anyone can come in and download responsive website templates.

Official Links:

Audits: Kyte.One audits by Hacken

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I applaud the very comprehensive proposal. Velas ks mentioned at the top of the proposal but I’m sure you meant Metis. Would fix it if possible.

I think AirLyft proposes an awesome addition to Metis and Web3 for much needed multichain community engagement and marketing tasks.

  1. For the value proposition, how many current dApps or projects are using AirLyft for growth and marketing needs? What is your traction to date?

  2. You highlight an “exposable API and webhooks” - what functionality does this enable for custom integrations? Can you give specific examples of how dApps could leverage this?

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Hello @rlntlss.eth … I would like to extend my sincere apologies for the inadvertent mix-up that occurred. Your feedback on AirLyft as a valuable addition to the Metis Ecosystem is greatly appreciated. I have provided detailed responses to the questions you raised earlier. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

  1. For the value proposition, how many current dApps or projects are using AirLyft for growth and marketing needs? What is your traction to date?

AirLyft is presently being used by over 600 projects spanning various ecosystems, including Polkadot, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Telos, Shardeum, and others. As of last month, we are pleased to report that we have surpassed 80,000 monthly active users, with daily active users ranging between 6,000 and 8,000. Our recent ecosystem-level campaign, Polkapals, hosted in collaboration with Polkadot, witnessed active participation from over 15 substrates-based chains, resulting in over 40,000 actions within a span of 21 days.

  1. You highlight an “exposable API and webhooks” - what functionality does this enable for custom integrations? Can you give specific examples of how dApps could leverage this?

Thanks much for the question @rlntlss.eth.Allow me to shed some light on the approach we adopt in maximizing the potential of our versatile API integrations at AirLyft. Recognizing that data storage practices vary across projects and are not exclusively confined to indexers, we have devised a mechanism to address this. Projects can furnish specific endpoints, enabling them to utilize AirLyft seamlessly through suitable GET or POST methods, thereby facilitating the creation of engaging on-chain actions.

Furthermore, we have extended our capabilities into a new domain, wherein campaign data can be transferred and showcased on external websites or through our white-label solution. In this endeavour, we have developed exposable APIs and webhooks, empowering projects to directly access and display information such as leaderboards on their websites. We are already collaborating with multiple projects keen on showcasing participant data for ambassador programs, top users, and various other applications. The potential in this is truly limitless.

Hope this answers your questions but if you still have any, please do let us know.

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