CVP Proposal: Alchemy Pay

About Alchemy Pay:

Alchemy Pay is a groundbreaking project which introduced the first fiat-crypto payment system in the world, with the token ACH being listing on the major exchanges. This system facilitates the connection between fiat and crypto economies for individuals, businesses, developers, and institutions worldwide.
Our goal is to offer online and offline merchants seamless acceptance of both fiat and crypto, simplifying the process of integrating blockchain ecosystems and increasing accessibility to DeFi services.

Alchemy Pay Partners

Proposal for Metis

We propose to collaborate with Metis Network to facilitate the expansion and advancement of its ecosystem. Our proposed collaboration is outlined as follows:

  1. $METIS token integration: we have already list $METIS in Alchemy Pay Ecosystem, allowing all Alchemy Pay partners and the users to buy $METIS with fiat currenty. Right now we can support over 173+ countries users to buy $METIS with credit card and apple pay, google pay, making $METIS more token usage scenarios.

  2. Metis Chain integration: we intend to strongly support the Metis Network and make contribution to its ecosystem by integrating Metis Network into Alchemy Pay, allowing projects on Metis Network to have a payment gateway for users.

Relevant Sources

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thk you :slight_smile:
please reply;

1-Alchemy PayÔÇÖin Metis Network ile i┼čbirli─či yaparak nas─▒l bir de─čer sa─članaca─č─▒n─▒ daha ayr─▒nt─▒l─▒ bir ┼čekilde a├ž─▒klanabiliyor musunuz? ├ľzellikle MetisÔÇÖin ekosistemine nas─▒l entegre olacak ve bu entegrasyon ne t├╝r faydalar sa─člayacak?

2-$METIS tokeninin Alchemy Pay ekosisteminin ├Âzeti nas─▒l ger├žekle┼čtirilecek? Kullan─▒c─▒lar $METIS tokenini hangi ├Âdeme y├Ântemleriyle sat─▒n alabilecek ve hangi ┼čekillerde bulunabilir?

3-Metis ZinciriÔÇÖnin Alchemy PayÔÇÖe eklenmesi nas─▒l i┼členecek? Bu ki┼čiler i├žin ne t├╝r bir ki┼či olacak ve Metis NetworkÔÇÖteki sistemler nas─▒l bir ├Âdeme a─č eri┼čimine eri┼čim sa─članaca─č─▒ hakk─▒nda daha fazla bilgi verebilir misiniz?

Hey Alchemy Pay­čĹő

IÔÇÖm aware of the significant user base that you have, especially in Asia, which will greatly aid in spreading the word about Metis and its fundamentals to the crypto communities in that region.

You have my support.