CVP Proposal: AraFi

AraFi - The Metagovernance protocol


After close to two years of engaging with the Metis community and collaborating with numerous exceptional individuals and teams, the team at AraFi is thrilled to formally express our desire to become an integral part of this dynamic community. You may be more familiar with us under our previous name, Aerarium. However, as of December 7th, we have undergone a rebranding and are now known as AraFi. This change marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we look forward to contributing more meaningfully to this vibrant community.

AraFi, an innovative meta-protocol, is aiming to transform DeFi on Metis by maximizing returns and streamlining governance for stakeholders. As an Omni-Chain governance aggregator, it addresses issues related to fragmented liquidity and complexity of multiple DeFi protocols. AraFi, operating within the Metis ecosystem, is paving the way for a more cohesive DeFi environment by streamlining yield and enhancing governance processes.

Key Features:

  • Metis DeFi Wrapper Tokens (aAssets): AraFi’s integration of these tokens enables seamless interactions and enhanced yield optimization across various DeFi platforms. These wrapped assets will be liquid enabling users access to some of the best yield on Metis.

  • Locked Governance through Snapshot: AraFi facilitates fair governance by allowing stakeholders who lock their tokens to actively participate in decision-making processes.

Value Proposition:

AraFi aims to redefine the DeFi space by focusing on enhancing liquidity, promoting TVL growth, simplifying DeFi operations, and advancing DeFi adoption. AraFi’s unique approach to enhancing liquidity and providing competitive yields through its boosted liquidity pools and Hermes gauge utilization promises significant growth to Metis’s TVL. By serving as a framework for DeFi protocols, it simplifies operations and encourages widespread adoption of DeFi solutions.

Functionality of AraFi:

AraFi’s key features include our wrapped assets (aAssets) and AraFi’s Locked Governance Token (vlARA). Each of these contribute to optimizing yield, bolstering security, and promoting user engagement. By providing additional yield and farming opportunities, and a participatory governance model, AraFi creates a more dynamic and efficient DeFi ecosystem.

aAsset Sample Flow:

This flow chart illustrates how our features work together to amplify yield and simplify routine operations.


  • Q4 2023 Beta Launch - The initial release of our product features synthetic wrappers, aAssets, for two Metis ecosystem tokens: Hermes and Maia. In conjunction with this, we’ll also soft launch the ARA governance system. The beta launch marks a significant step in our journey to build a fully functional and democratized DeFi ecosystem.

  • Q4 2023 Liquidity Expansion - Introduction of ARA/METIS trading pair alongside Hercules launch on Metis, enhancing community engagement and diversifying our treasury.

  • Q1 2024 Product alignment - Upgrading our product suite with bHermes boosted vaults, complementing Hermes’ new features.

  • Q2 2024 Addition of Custom Gauge System - Implementing omni-chain custom gauges in our governance model with Ulysses, giving token holders more influence over ARA emissions.

  • Q2 2024 Inflation Control and Token Emission - Addressing economic sustainability by controlling inflation and reducing $ARA total supply to preserve value.

  • Q3 2024 FrontEnd Overhaul - Revamping the platform interface for improved navigation and aesthetics, simplifying DeFi interactions for a more accessible and rewarding user experience.


AraFi serves as a bridge between various DeFi protocols, enhancing efficiency, and encouraging active governance. It ensures continuous value growth and optimizes yield for stakeholders. Its strategic alignment within the Metis ecosystem amplifies its influence in the DeFi space. As AraFi continues to expand and collaborate, it is well-positioned to build with its innovative approach and strategic partnerships.



For our audit we have chosen Blaize.Security. They provide smart contract auditing services and operate with the most up-to-date technologies to build a safe environment for blockchains and dApps.
Blaize has over 5 years of experience working with different blockchain ecosystems and has successfully delivered more than 145 crypto projects.

Find the audit report here: Blaize Audit Report
Blaize Website:


Thank you for sharing, fully support!


great initiative from Ara Fi! :fire:


Thank you noral! Looking forward to what comes next

a good project and strong team in a predictable and transparent roadmap, planned and projected, i think in the near future we will see an unprecedented growth of this project

Great proposal from AraFi. Looking forward to seeing you on the Metis Eco…

OG Metis project! Nice to see you going up for cvp vote!

Will be expecting to host the team at the Metis Governance Space! Lfg

I think I like the infrastructure and believe this will be a really instrumental DeFi project addition to the Metis ecosystem

This is great … looking forward to the next new thing

How does AraFi’s approach to enhancing liquidity and providing competitive yields through boosted liquidity pools and Hermes gauge utilization promise significant growth to Metis’s Total Value Locked (TVL) compared to existing DeFi solutions on the platform?

Great presentation, @Jet_TYR! Your comprehensive roadmap and commitment to enhancing liquidity and governance in the DeFi space showcase AraFi’s potential.

Could you elaborate on how AraFi plans to address challenges associated with cross-chain transactions and ensure a seamless experience for users moving assets across different networks?

Impressive roadmap! How does AraFi plan to address potential challenges in achieving liquidity expansion and user adoption?

This will be a great addition to the Metis Ecosystem.

Thanks for providing this article, with this i am able to see AraFi functionality and also the Roadmap, i cant wait till the fulfillment of everything…i will ask more questions during the space

I must confess this would be of great impact to the Metis ecosystem and am happy to have them on Metis.

Am quite impressed by AraFi value proposition to enhance liquidity, promoting TVL growth, simplifying DeFi operations, and advancing DeFi adoption. Am definitely looking forward to having AraFi onboard.
What direct benefits will this bring to Metis ecosystem?

Congratulations on the rebranding and the development of AraFi!
Your team has put a significant amount of effort into creating a comprehensive meta-protocol within the Metis ecosystem.

Big ups AraFi team… Nice pitch you guys, I’m rooting for you.

Arafi seems like a cool new name. The project approach to yield optimization and governance is commendable.

Hi, my question is how will AraFi’s integration of wrapped assets (aAssets) and locked governance through Snapshot contribute to maximizing yield and streamlining governance processes in the Metis ecosystem?

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