CVP Proposal: Artemis Finance to Launch on Metis

Introducing Artemis Finance

Artemis Finance is a liquid staking protocol designed exclusively for Metis Decentralised Sequencer Pools. Users can stake their METIS token on Artemis Finance and receive the liquid token - artMETIS.

As a member protocol of NGAD, Artemis Finance is committed to contributing to the dynamic growth of the $METIS ecosystem and fostering the development of the on-chain economy.

Value Proposition

Liquid Staking Solution for Metis

Artemis allows you to earn staking rewards by delegating your METIS to sequencers. In exchange, you receive a receipt token - artMETIS that represents your staked positions.

Innovative Use Case

artMETIS serves as a versatile asset within the Metis ecosystem. It will be utilized in various protocols such as trading, lending, and a wide range of DeFi use cases.

Decentralized Sequencing with Capital Efficiency

Capital efficiency is a crucial factor in advancing decentralized sequencing. By optimizing resource allocation, Artemis paves the way for a truly decentralized ecosystem.

The Benefits to Metis Network

Artemis is committed to enhancing the liquidity and making Artemis more robust and appealing to LST enthusiasts. We strive to provide users with increased asset availability for trading and investment, strengthening Artemis’s position as a leading permissionless Layer 2 network.

  1. Increasing TVL and Growing METIS Liquidity Artemis strives to bring a significant amount of TVL and liquidity to the Artemis ecosystem. Through the METIS locked on Artemis, stakers will be entitled to earn additional staking rewards which will attract more METIS holders to enter into the market. This infusion of funds will enhance the overall liquidity of Metis.
  2. Broadening User Adoption The key idea behind Artemis is to align METIS holders and sequencers to make the best possible use of their assets and maximize incentives to all participants. Moreover, Artemis will use the well-built networks of KOLs and influencers to drive more attention and interest towards Metis. Their influence can attract new users and investors to the platform, further increasing TVL and participation within the ecosystem.
  3. Building a Strong Online Presence We will produce regular blog posts, videos, and infographics to educate the community about our platform and its unique features, and encourage discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We collaborate with influencers who have tweets or RTs of LST content and other related protocols to amplify the reach of the content.

We are dedicated to introducing new users and innovative features to the ecosystem, creating a hub for exploration and growth. Artemis’s incentives not only fuel our growth but also act as a catalyst for the broader Metis ecosystem’s expansion.

Migrate Existing Projects and Liquidity Partners

NGAD is a foundation DAO dedicated to pioneering the future of asset growth and expanding the horizons of Liquid Staked Tokens (LST), and has successfully incubated Equilibria Finance and Euclid Finance.

Equilibria Finance: Growth Engine for LSDFi

Equilibria is a protocol built on top of Pendle Finance and is designed to enhance the yields of Liquidity Providers (LPs) through the accumulation of vePENDLE tokens on our platform.

Key Stats:

  • We managed to lock approximately 7.8 million PENDLE tokens(= $10 M) on our platform, which account for 24% of the total vePENDLE supply.
  • Our TVL as of Jan 2024 is $80M across 4 networks.
  • references:DUNE, Defillama

Euclid Finance: Bring ETH and BTC LST Protocols to Metis

Our objective is to extend the staking rewards from the ETH mainnet or BTC to Layer 2 networks, enabling participation for Layer 2 users. Given its status as the most innovative and decentralized Layer 2 network, Metis is exceptionally well-positioned to be the central and pioneering network for our OmniChain Liquid Staking Token (LST). Therefore, we propose to bring the ETH and BTC LST protocols to the Metis ecosystem, anticipating that ETH restaking and BTC staking will become prominent narratives. The potential market size and user engagement are incredibly promising and will bring substantial TVL and user interaction to the Metis Network. This could propel Metis to become the leading Layer 2 platform in key market matrices.

Benefit to Metis ecosystem projects: Artemis’s initiatives extend beyond its own growth, serving as catalysts for the broader expansion of the ecosystem. Through incentivizing user participation, liquidity provision, governance engagement, and protocol support, we aim to establish a self-sustaining cycle of growth. This comprehensive strategy benefits the entire Artemis community by fostering a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. Additionally, Artemis stands to gain from Equilibria’s multi-chain expertise. The presence on various chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, and more, allows Artemis to tap into a wider audience and diverse user base. This multi-chain approach promotes innovation through cross-chain interactions and introduces novel ideas and projects to the Artemis ecosystem.


  1. Development & Testnet launch;
  2. Completed the contract audits;
  3. IDO Launch & Prelaunch Campaign;
  4. Full launch on Metis with restaking features;
  5. Listing artMETIS on DEs and provide liquidity and incentives;
  6. Onboarding & widen Strategy partners.

Audits: Will be complete by Peckshield before Prelaunch campaign in Feb.


Artemis is committed to extend staking rewards from ETH mainnet and BTC to Layer 2 networks, positioning Metis as the central hub for our OmniChain Liquid Staking Token. Artemis is dedicated to delivering interoperable solutions, contributing to Metis’ growth and eagerly anticipating community support for a successful collaboration.

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