CVP Proposal: Athena Finance

Introduction of Athena Finance

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Athena Finance is an innovative project developed by the experienced Vector Finance team, aimed at revolutionizing the decentralized finance landscape on the METIS network. Our primary objective is to optimize DeFi yields on METIS by aggregating protocol tokens, beginning with the premier stableswap there: the Hummus Exchange. We are excited to bring our expertise and vision to the METIS ecosystem, enhancing its growth and expanding its ecosystem.

Athena Finance’s Feature Set and Utility

Our protocol provides a comprehensive suite of features that allows users to:

  1. Convert and stake protocol tokens like HUM for optimized yield generation
  2. Deposit assets on Athena to receive boosted yield from the underlying protocol
  3. Participate in voting gauges using our native protocol token, ATH
  4. Autocompound pools for all staking pools on Athena, with third-party pools following after
  5. Utilize delegated voting pools for a seamless DeFi experience

Athena’s Unique Value Proposition

At present, METIS lacks a dedicated aggregator protocol. Athena Finance aims to fill this gap by initially aggregating HUM and subsequently expanding to other protocols and DeFi strategies in the future. This strategic approach will ensure that Athena Finance stands out as a pioneering force within the METIS ecosystem.

Athena’s Roadmap

The following milestones comprise Athena Finance’s roadmap for the next year and beyond.

  1. Liquidity provisioning event and token generation
  2. Public launch
  3. Autocompounding pools
  4. Delegated voting pool
  5. Smart converter
  6. Aggregating new DeFi protocol tokens
  7. Creating unique DeFi strategies native to METIS

Athena’s Audit Information

Given that the Hummus Exchange’s contracts are forked from Platypus Finance, Athena Finance’s smart contracts inherit the audit initially conducted for Vector Finance at its launch. The audit report can be accessed here


Both Vector and Athena Finance place utmost importance on security. On the METIS network, all core protocol contracts will be governed by a multisig, ensuring robust security. Additionally, we commit to implementing industry-leading security practices concerning deployer and multisig security. We also pledge to subject any innovative products to rigorous peer-review before deployment, ensuring a secure and reliable experience for our users.

ATH Token Utility

The Athena token (ATH) serves as the backbone of our protocol, playing a vital role in incentivizing user engagement. The ATH token encourages users to convert and stake protocol tokens such as HUM on our platform by offering rewards in ATH. Furthermore, users can lock ATH tokens to receive a share of the protocol’s fees, and participate in the decision-making process on aggregated protocols through our gauge system, ensuring active community involvement.


In summary, Athena Finance, a project developed by the experienced Vector Finance team, is poised to help grow the DeFi landscape on the METIS network. Our protocol offers a diverse set of features, including token conversion and staking, boosted yields, voting gauges using ATH tokens, autocompounding pools, and delegated voting pools. Athena Finance’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to fill the existing gap in the METIS ecosystem by aggregating HUM and other protocol tokens, while continuously innovating and developing unique DeFi strategies.

Our comprehensive roadmap includes liquidity provisioning, public launch, and the development of additional features such as smart converters and new DeFi strategies native to METIS. As a security-first organization, both Vector and Athena Finance adhere to the highest standards in smart contract security and multisig governance. Finally, the ATH token plays a central role in our protocol, incentivizing users to engage with our platform and actively participate in the community’s decision-making process.

We believe by listing Athena Finance as a community verified project, the METIS network will significantly benefit from our building experience, innovation, and commitment to a secure and robust DeFi ecosystem.

Thank you for your consideration!



  1. What are the unique features of Athena Finance that sets it apart from other protocols in the METIS ecosystem, and how does it plan to enhance the growth of the ecosystem?
  2. Could you describe the role of ATH tokens in the Athena Finance protocol, and how it incentivizes user engagement and community involvement?
  3. How does Athena Finance plan to ensure the security of its protocol and provide a reliable and secure experience for its users?

Hi Athena Team! Nice to see you in Metis Governance!

I ve on question, The 2 main benefits for use Athena over Hummus are autocompunding pools and get ATH tokens for governance.

Users can sells ATH for more profitability o it dont have market value?
By the way what do you mean with ‚ÄúSmart Converter‚ÄĚ on the Athena Roadmap? is an stable swap using Hummus pool or this is for more tokens? Can you expand this?

Thank you!