CVP Proposal: Blockchain-Powered Voting Revolution: On-Chain/Off-Chain Voting System w/ NFT Integration

Executive Summary

The Trump V Biden project is pioneering the integration of blockchain technology with political activism by introducing an advanced on-chain/off-chain voting protocol. Utilizing the METIS platform, our initiative is set to transform political engagement through blockchain-enabled voting mechanisms and a series of politically themed NFTs, cultivating a dynamic, community-driven ecosystem.

Core Principles Alignment

  • Tech Utility: At the heart of our platform is a cutting-edge on-chain/off-chain voting protocol, designed to maximize participation and inclusivity without mandatory token ownership. This innovative approach ensures scalable, secure, and cost-effective participation in governance and NFT engagement.
  • Security: Security is paramount in our voting protocol. We are committed to undergoing rigorous smart contract audits by leading firms with expertise in both token mechanics and complex dApp structures, ensuring the utmost safety and integrity of our platform.
  • Uniqueness Factor: The Trump V Biden project stands out on the METIS network by integrating political engagement with blockchain through our unique voting protocol and NFTs. Our system allows for widespread participation in political processes, providing a novel platform for discourse and decision-making.

General Content Recommendations

  • Tech Utility and Features:
    • A groundbreaking on-chain/off-chain voting system that democratizes political and governance-related decisions.
    • A vibrant collection of politically themed NFTs, with regular releases to engage the community.
    • A governance framework that empowers token holders to guide the project’s direction.
    • “The Vault,” a community treasury that supports initiatives voted on by our users.
  • Unique Value Proposition:
    • Our project blends blockchain’s transparency and security with political participation, offering an unprecedented platform for civic engagement.
    • We’re building a bridge between political activism and the digital world, creating a space where diverse backgrounds come together for meaningful discourse.

Whitepaper: Delve into our innovative voting protocol, NFT strategy, and governance model in the TrumpVBiden Whitepaper.

Flow Charts: Gain insights into our on-chain/off-chain voting process and platform architecture through detailed Flow Charts.


  • Q2 2024: Official launch of the voting protocol and NFT platform, alongside initial community engagement efforts.
  • Q2-Q3 2024: Introduction of the first series of politically themed NFTs and the rollout of our governance system.
  • Throughout 2024: Expansion of the NFT collection, enhancement of platform features, and establishment of strategic partnerships for broader impact. Full details on our Roadmap.

Website: Discover more about our mission and join the movement at

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