CVP Proposal: BlockChat : Communication and Collaboration Platform


My name is Stellie and I am the creator of BlockChat, the communication and collaboration platform built for web3 enthusiast.

BlockChat emerges as a pioneering platform, redefining social interaction and collaboration. Built upon principles of decentralization and user empowerment, BlockChat offers a secure, transparent, and feature-rich environment for individuals to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly.

We currently have 55 Members using BlockChat and 9 Metis projects with their own BlockSpace.

BlockChat integrates cutting-edge blockchain technology with innovative social media features to create a comprehensive communication ecosystem. The platform seamlessly blends messaging, social networking, and forum creation to deliver a holistic and inclusive social media experience. Stay up to date with your favorite projects.


  1. Secure Messaging:

    • BlockChat provides users with a secure messaging feature, ensuring end-to-end encryption for privacy and confidentiality. Users can send messages, up/down vote posts, send direct messages, follow BlockSpaces, as well as share files and media, with peace of mind.
  2. Social Networking:

    • The platform offers a diverse array of social networking activities, including BlockSpaces, BlockChats, and BlockParties. BlockSpaces serve as dedicated workspaces for collaboration, BlockChats facilitate group discussions, and BlockParties provide social events for community engagement.

Our platform is already live and can be accessed via the links below. We encourage users to Apply for a BlockSpace to get their projects featured on BlockChat, currently the only way to create a BlockSpace is by filling out the form on the website. Admins must use the same wallet from the application to be assigned Admin on BlockChat for that specific BlockSpace.

  1. Blockchain Technology:
    • Built in conjunction with the Metis Andromeda, BlockChat leverages smart contracts to enable signing in to the platform, ensuring transparency, security, and user control over data and information.
    • BlockChat is also EVM Compatible with all Ethereum based wallets, allowing any chain to be part of the community as it grows.

Metis Ninjas and the Progressive Reward Structure:

  • BlockChat introduces the concept of Metis Ninjas, elite members of the community recognized for their contributions and expertise. Just by holding Metis Ninjas in your wallet you will be rewarded with $BCD tokens. Our token is set to launch on the 29th Feb 2024. The more Ninjas you hold the more $BCD you will earn. No staking, no gas fees, no claim fees… holders will simply get $BCD airdropped to their wallet once a month.
  • 1 ninja: 2 $BCD per week (8 per month - 96 per year)
  • 2 ninjas: 5 $BCD per week (20 per month - 240 per year)
  • 3-5 ninjas: 10 $BCD per week (40 per month - 480 per year)
  • 6-10 ninjas: 20 $BCD per week (80 per month - 960 per year)
  • 11-15 ninjas: 30 $BCD per week (120 per month - 1,440 per year)
  • 16-19 ninjas: 40 $BCD per week (160 per month - 1,920 per year)
  • 20+ ninjas: 100 $BCD per week (400 per month - 4,800 per year)

Token Launch and Pre-Sale

  • We have recently conducted a pre-sale which has raised 98 Metis and maxed 10% of the supply in only 19 hours. This will be used as liquidity to start the launch off using Netswap

Tokenomics can be found on the website docs listed blow.

The token is set to launch Feb 29 2024 UTC +10


  1. Privacy and Security:

    • Users enjoy a high level of privacy and security through end-to-end encryption and blockchain technology, safeguarding their personal information and communications.
  2. User Engagement:

    • The platform fosters active user engagement through its diverse features, social networking activities, and community-driven initiatives, promoting interaction and collaboration.
  3. Transparency and Trust:

    • Blockchain technology ensures transparency and trust within the platform, providing users with visibility into platform activities, transactions, and governance processes.

In conclusion, BlockChat stands as a beacon of innovation and decentralization in the realm of social media. With its secure messaging, social networking, and blockchain technology, BlockChat offers a transformative platform where users can connect, communicate, and collaborate with confidence and empowerment. Thank you for considering BlockChat, and we look forward to revolutionizing digital communication together.

Thank you

BlockChat (Stellie)

Apply for BlockSpace: Apply for a BlockSpace - BlockChat
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @blockchatnew
Metis Ninjas:


Exciting to see BlockChat leading the charge in revolutionising digital communication! The blend of secure messaging, social networking, and blockchain technology truly sets it apart. Can’t wait to explore the diverse features and engage with the community. Count me in for the journey ahead! :clap:

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Wow stunning proposal. Very comprehensive. As a current member of BlockChat I can say that the platform is one of the best blockchain UIs I’ve come across. Really cool place to connect and grow communities. Cant wait to see it grow.

What are long term plans for building the platform on Metis?

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Hello Stellie, great proposal you’ve put forward. I have a couple of inquiries regarding Blockchat:

  1. Beyond the evident advantages such as decentralization, privacy, and blockchain-based security, could you shed some light on additional benefits one might gain from becoming a member of Blockchat?

  2. Given the prevalent issue of censorship on traditional web2 platforms, I’m curious to know if Blockchat will enforce any form of content moderation or if it will remain free from such restrictions.

  3. Finally, with concerns surrounding fake news and misinformation rampant on social media, how does Blockchat intend to tackle these challenges?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your constant support! It never goes unnoticed.

Thanks Anthony, you’re feedback is appreciated.

As we discussed on the AMA yesterday. We have really focused our long term goals on growing the platform with improves to the UI/UX and advanced messaging features.

A full list is mentioned on our Roadmap on our docs.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Ransome, thanks so much for your questions and support.

  1. Learning about new projects, joining BlockSpaces that interest you as a possible new investor into a project. The dynamic of BlockChat is that anyone is welcome. We thrive to encourage big or small projects to be part of BlockChat.
  2. BlockChat is free of content moderation. We will not encourage the platform to become a house for explicit content or criminal activity. The project will encourage projects to grow their communities and thrive together to be the best place to launch a project and build strong communities.
  3. Fake news will always be part of the world, whether its on-chain or not. By conducting your due-diligence and DYOR you can avoid such misconceptions. It always pays to do your own research and to ask as many questions as possible to avoid being scammed. We will always push for the highest security and firewalls with in-depth protocols in place to ensure the platform is safe and secure for all BlockChatters.

Thank you for your questions, I hope I’ve answered them to your understanding.

If you would like to discuss further, please jump into our Telegram where I am more than happy to continue chatting.

I nice proposal you proposed blockchat but would love you to shed more light on this

  1. How does BlockChat ensure data transparency and user control as well as security while leveraging blockchain technology for authentication and verification?

  2. What unique features does BlockChat offer to facilitate collaboration and community engagement among its users, particularly within the context of blockchain technology integration?

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Hi Bells, thanks for the questions. Please let me clear things up for you.

BlockChat is 50/50 decentralised, it is currently hosted on AWS to manage the platform side of things and the way users remain anonymous is by loggin into the platform using their Metamask wallet. We are EVM compatible and so any Ethereum wallet is able to login and interact with the platform. We aim to decentralise the entire platform as funds become available and when the technology can integrate into the platform.

We will be bringing a bunch of new features that will help projects grow and collaborate. A huge feature we want to ensure is integrated early in our new development, is the DAO functionality within a BlockSpace. We want to ensure projects are involving their community on the direction of their project.

Gated sub-channels that will be a way for projects to lock content with the $BCD token. This could be for events like Whitelist, token launch, NFT launch etc. or simply a place for projects to hide content to the general public.

There will be links to all project information, charts, rankings on coin stat sites like coingecko and CMC etc. The goal is to make it the one stop shop for all projects to collaborate and join and grow their communities all whilst being on-chain and keeping everything decentralised and owned by the wallet holder.

Hopefully that clears things up but if you have any more questions please join our telegram for more information.