CVP Proposal: BluWhale | Decentralized AI Personalization on Metis

BluWhale on Metis

BluWhale provides personalized, AI-powered analytics and targeting for deep insights into users’ on-chain activities.

Utilizing advanced knowledge graphs with user embeddings, BluWhale generates tailored recommendations, comprehensive assessment scores, and detailed transaction breakdowns.

This empowers dApps, AI models, and agents to better serve user preferences and behaviors, enhancing overall engagement and satisfaction.

This proposal focuses on the strategic integration of BluWhale, a leader in AI and machine learning, with Metis. The aim is to harness the power of on-chain data from Metis and the sophisticated machine learning models of BluWhale to enhance advertiser targeting, improve reward mechanisms, and bolster data security, fostering growth and a competitive edge in the digital data marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Laser-Pointed Targeting: BluWhale’s machine learning models utilizes on-chain wallet data verified and connected to social profiles to provide businesses and users with pinpoint targeting capabilities.
  • Direct Rewards through Bonding Curves: Participants, including advertisers and users, benefit from a bonding curve mechanism that rewards engagement and data sharing, optimizing the advertising bid process.
  • Ecosystem Growth via Data Integration: For starters, BluWhale can integrate data from Dominion (Casino) and other DEX’s, creating new data verticals that not only enhance the BluWhale model but also support advertisers and drive ecosystem expansion. This growth model will be scaled out and available to all other applications within the Metis ecosystem.

Technology Integration and Developer Support Overview

  • Cutting-Edge Neural Networks and Data Structures: Employing advanced neural networks and knowledge graphs for off-chain data processing and contextualization with on-chain data structuring to monetize data flow effectively and enhance scalability.
  • Comprehensive Developer Tooling: Offering SDKs and APIs optimized for Metis, these tools facilitate seamless integration and foster innovation in analytics, making the system accessible for plug-and-play solutions.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Utilizing Zero Knowledge Proofs for off-chain data storage ensures end-to-end protection of user data. On-chain proof storage and data structures on Metis enhance scalability and security through shared sequencing.
  • Real-Time Data Processing: Incorporating embedded space architecture enables rapid data querying and real-time analysis, allowing for immediate adaptation to user needs and market shifts.

Use Cases and Growth

  • Innovative Advertising and Financial Data Solutions: BluWhale will be able to leverage cross-application engagement to enhance insights and activations. i.e. leveraging game-time data from Dominion for targeted advertising rewards.
  • Engagement-Driven Reward System: BluWhale rewards users with higher network participation which includes an affiliate system to further community engagement and referrals.
  • Empowering Ecosystem: BluWhale provides businesses with comprehensive analytics, frameworks, and APIs. This support encourages widespread adoption and innovation within Metis, facilitating easy onboarding of new and existing participants.

More Details

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good , i already joined Bluwhale

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Bluewhale is an innovative project in web3 area!

Hey Bluwhale, great proposal!

AI technology is making a big impact in the Web3 space, and I love that you’re bringing this innovation to Metis.

As a Metis maxi, I’m interested in the affiliate system you mentioned. Could you give me some details on how it works and what kind of incentives we can expect for getting involved in community engagement and referrals?

Also, can you tell me if there have been any security audits done on BluWhale, or if there are plans for one in the pipeline? Thanks

Looks great! Strongly support this project!

This project has solid team, excellent product and powerful community. Really like it.

I used bluwhale and it’s such a fun platform on eth. Let’s bring it to metis

How does BluWhale’s use of advanced knowledge graphs and user embeddings enable it to generate tailored recommendations and comprehensive assessment scores for on-chain activities, and what implications does this have for enhancing advertiser targeting and reward mechanisms within the Metis ecosystem?