CVP Proposal: Bringing Account Abstraction to Metis with the Halliday Appchain Wallet


Halliday will connect Metis to commerce. We’ll solve the problem of the first dollar spent on the Metis chain by offering users a seamless onboarding experience and a one-click acquisition and management of any asset through our proprietary Orchestration Layer.

As the first Account Abstraction and native Onramp solution on Metis, we’ll make it easier than ever for new users to engage with this exciting ecosystem, regardless of their prior experience in Web3.

Backed by a16z and #Hashed, we have partnered with prominent developers such as DeFi Kingdoms, Caldera, AltLayer, and Conduit. Our team comes from Stanford, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon and has years of experience with the most recognized technology brands in the world, including Meta, Netflix, Samsung, and more.

Proposal for Metis:

Through its partnership with DeFi Kingdoms, Halliday plans to launch new and existing functionalities on Metis in conjunction with the game’s highly anticipated launch on the chain. In addition to our planned support of DeFi Kingdoms, Halliday would also like to extend its support to other applications building on this chain so that other developers may easily leverage the many benefits of Halliday’s product suite.

Account Abstraction

As the first “Web2 account” solution for DeFi Kingdoms across both of its existing realms (Crystalvale on DFK Chain in Avalanche and Serendale on Klaytn chain), Halliday represents the most streamlined way to play one of the world’s oldest and most successful Web3 games, unlocking a myriad of benefits for its players.

Applications choosing to leverage Halliday’s Smart Account functionality will be able to access the following killer features:

  • Social Login: Via Halliday, users can create a “DFK Smart Account” with a single click by connecting their Google, Twitter, or email accounts and using that as a passwordless login solution to DFK. Before our integration, users could not access gameplay without already owning a Web3 wallet; now, users just need an email address to get started!

Halliday works with developers to align on which of many various login solutions are activated for each application.

  • Passkeys / Biometric Authentication: Besides enabling Social login, Halliday allows users to create and access their wallets through a device-specific authentication (e.g., via Face or Touch ID). Halliday pioneered the space, representing one of the first wallets to enable this more secure, user-friendly alternative to passwords and EOAs. Developers working with Halliday can activate this functionality for unlimited users at no additional cost.
  • Session Keys: This is the killer feature of the DFK Smart Account – with Halliday, users can streamline how they transact on-chain by automatically signing certain types of transactions.

In DeFi Kingdoms, this vastly improves day-to-day gameplay, allowing users to instantly quest their heroes and make purchases, allowing them to focus on gameplay! There are no more annoying Metamask popups, and transferring across chains as you go to another realm becomes completely abstracted.

  • Gas Sponsorship: This feature allows developers to subsidize (or entirely pay for) gas fees on their platform and pay for them with any ERC-20 token. Combined with Social Login and Session Keys, the blockchain is nearly invisible to the end user, allowing them to engage with an on-chain application without any knowledge of Web3.

One-Click Onramp

Once a user creates an account and starts transacting via Session Keys and Gas Sponsorship, Halliday helps with the next step of blockchain abstraction: how to acquire native tokens. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tokens do not have a native onramp: users must first onramp to a token like ETH or USDC, and then navigate a complex sea of bridges and swaps – each requiring a unique gas payment and signature – before arriving at the intended end token.

With our first-of-its-kind one-click Onramp, Halliday simplifies the entire process. With our one-click Onramp, Halliday will permit users to onramp to any token on Metis with a single click.

This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky idea: we’re already live with DFK on both of their realms. You can see how we enabled a one-click onramp to JEWEL on DFKChain here!

With this functionality, we could, for example, enable DEXs on Metis to offer one-click onramps to any token they list. That would make any gas token, application-specific ERC-20, or memecoin easier to acquire than ever before.

Via our existing partnership with MoonPay, we can offer this functionality to users in over 150 different countries and territories on Day One of our launch on Metis.

NFT Checkout

Finally, in addition to our one-click onramp, we also offer users the ability to purchase NFTs with a credit card. For projects that don’t need as many ERC-20 tokens, this feature, when coupled with Gas Sponsorship, allows users to do everything from signing up to purchasing assets to using those assets without ever having to onramp any funds, understand what tokens even mean, or even necessarily know they have a blockchain wallet!

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem:

Halliday’s proposed collaboration with Metis will bring the following benefits to its ecosystem:

  • User engagement and acquisition: As described above, Halliday’s product suite is intended to make it easier than ever for users to sign up for a blockchain application and start transacting and monetizing immediately.

We’ve already seen how our solution has attracted new users to DeFi Kingdoms, not only as players but as valuable members of the community and contributors to the economic prosperity of the entire ecosystem. We are excited to bring these same benefits to other developers building on Metis.

  • Attracting additional developers to the Metis ecosystem: At Halliday, we believe that removing barriers to entry to Web3 helps not just the end user but also the developer. By making it easier for developers to tap into new and existing Metis users, our technology will help attract more projects to this exciting ecosystem.
  • Comarketing and enhanced ecosystem exposure and visibility: Halliday strongly advocates for its partners and promotes them heavily on its social media channels. Given its investors and the team’s background, Halliday’s followers and supporters include a variety of leaders at Andreessen Horowitz and Hashed, as well as members of the academic communities at Stanford, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and much more. Through a series of AMAs, comarketing activations, and more, Halliday can help spread the word about the Metis community and its developers.

Measurable Milestones:


  • Launch of above-listed functionalities on Metis
  • Integrating Metis seamlessly into Halliday’s first-of-its-kind Appchain Wallet, enabling its users to seamlessly navigate the cross-chain landscape and connecting Metis more closely to the economic activity happening across Web3
  • Launching future features and functionalities, Halliday may release on Metis
  • Co-marketing activations between Halliday, Metis, its developers, and its community members

Desired additional measurable milestones:

  • Integrations of the above functionalities directly within other applications launching on Metis

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