CVP Proposal: Burve Protocol


Burve Protocol is a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) and Launchpad, designed to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) with innovative liquidity, launch, and lending solutions for various crypto use cases.

Our platform offers fair token launches, unilateral liquidity management, and secure lending options, empowering users with advanced and customizable tools. Burve Protocol supports everything from meme tokens and in-game assets to sophisticated DeFi solutions, making DeFi accessible, fair, and transparent for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to power a global tokenized economy, democratizing access, liquidity, and lending to enable a more sustainable and inclusive web3 ecosystem.

Our Misson

In the rapidly evolving world of DeFi, Burve Protocol stands out as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity. We believe financial systems should be accessible, fair, and transparent, empowering individuals and communities worldwide.

Our mission is to create a comprehensive platform where anyone, regardless of their financial background or technical expertise, can launch, manage, trade, and lend tokens with confidence and security.

To achieve this mission, we offer four key products: Launchpad, DEX, SDK, and Appchain.

Uniqueness Factor

  • Original research base: Burve introduces a consensus-driven AMM with advanced liquidity management and customizable bonding curves derived from original research.
  • Advanced Liquidity Management: Curb impermanent loss on traditional AMMs
    Burve utilizes our novel bonding curve research to manage liquidity dynamically, ensuring continuous availability and minimizing slippage. Burve solves Uniswap’s impermanent loss problem by enabling single token liquidity provision & introducing ‘liquidity clusters’ to allow for efficient transaction routing. Supports fully customizable fees for liquidity providers.
  • Tailored Token Launches: HODL + LOL
    We offer launch modes that meet the demand of the crypto space for utility, digital and physical asset tokenization, and memecoins, among others. Our HODL launch mode allows for full customization of a token’s characteristics and associated curve, while the LOL launch mode is specially designed for meme token launches.
  • No Potential Rug Pulls or Liquidity Risks
    In LP-based tokens, token issuers may have super admin access which can lead to rug pulls or liquidity pool withdrawals. Tokens on Burve are issued through the bonding curve and the supply is regulated solely through multi-audited bonding curve contract, no external token supply. This keeps anyone from rug-pulling or withdrawing the liquidity pool.
  • Better Incentives for Memecoin Launches
    Current memecoin launch incentives unsustainable, relying on insider trading or “buy low, sell high” strategies, causing constant fear of sell-offs by larger traders. Yet successful launchers on Burve that reach a $33K market cap can receive an instant 1000 USDT reward from Burve Treasury, referers can get 500 USDT, and early participants can enjoy up to 9x price increase. All participants not only have skin in the game but also will be rewarded for participation.

Benefits for Users

Sure, here’s the rephrased version:

Benefits for Users:

  1. Simplified Onboarding
    Launching a token typically demands extensive technical and financial expertise in smart contracts, liquidity pools, and understanding price and market cap. With Burve Protocol, the process is simplified to minimize effort. The LOL mode is ideal for memecoins, while the HODL mode is perfect for project and community tokens.

  2. Enhanced Token Trading Liquidity
    Many tokens face liquidity issues soon after launch, leading to unmatched buy/sell orders (common in order book AMMs) or one-sided liquidity shortages (common in LP AMMs requiring LP pairs). Burve uses bonding curve contracts to ensure that buy/sell orders can always be fulfilled. In both LOL and HODL modes, users don’t need to create liquidity pools or provide upfront capital, as all purchased tokens are backed by anchor tokens locked in the contract, preventing liquidity shortages.

  3. Reduced Rug Pull and Liquidity Risks
    LP-based tokens often risk rug pulls or liquidity pool withdrawals due to super admin access by token issuers. On Burve, tokens are issued through a bonding curve with supply regulated solely by a multi-audited bonding curve contract, eliminating external token supply. This mechanism prevents rug-pulling and liquidity pool withdrawals.

  4. Incentives for All Memecoin Paticipants
    Current memecoin launches often rely on unsustainable incentives like insider trading or “buy low, sell high” strategies, causing constant sell-off fears among larger traders. Successful launches on Burve reaching a $33K market cap earn the launcher an instant 1000 USDT reward from the Burve Treasury. Referrers receive 500 USDT, and early participants can see up to a 9x price increase. This system ensures all participants are invested and rewarded for their participation.

  5. Increased Discoverability
    New token launches often go unnoticed due to limited discoverability methods like website checks or official announcements. Burve addresses this by integrating with Telegram to send instant notifications and automatically creating chat groups, enhancing discoverability for users.

Benefits for the Metis Ecosystem

  1. Simplified Token Creation
    Burve simplifies the creation of memecoins and governance tokens within the Metis community, making it accessible for anyone to launch their own tokens effortlessly.

  2. Fair and Secure Token Launches
    Our LP-less (liquidity pool-less), unruggable, fair, and instantly tradable token launches drive DeFi growth on Metis, acting as the fuel for the ecosystem’s expansion.

  3. Empowerment of Community Growth

    • For Small Projects: Burve provides an alternative funding method crucial for small projects to secure basic funding and grow their communities. Traditional ICOs and IDOs are often inaccessible due to size and volume requirements or initial liquidity needs, which Burve’s protocol effectively addresses.
    • For Larger Projects: Burve enhances token utility, tackling the ongoing challenge of aligning token prices with commercial success. Despite significant revenues in DeFi platforms, token prices often reflect a utility gap that Burve aims to close by providing better utility enhancement mechanisms.
  4. Enhancement of Metis Ecosystem and $METIS Utility
    By facilitating diverse and secure token launches, Burve strengthens the overall Metis ecosystem and boosts the utility of $METIS, benefiting all stakeholders within the Metis network.


Our initial version launched in March 2024. Moving forward in Q3 & beyond:

  • Support and Launch on Metis L2 and trading on Metis with bonding curves.
  • Add features like more anchor tokens for launches, fixed/adaptive max supply settings, etc.
  • Integrate other emerging and popular
  • Ongoing feature updates to enhance user experience
  • Enhance project outreach via Metis Foundation support, Metis Ecosystem collaboration, KOL collaboration, and community education.


  • Tokens on Burve are issued through the bonding curve and the supply is regulated solely through multi-audited bonding curve contract, no external token supply.
  • Audit Report by Scalebit and Boesin.

About Team

Our team is led by experts with backgrounds in leading tech companies (Google, Meta, Tencent), Web3 organizations (Litentry, DIN, MakerDAO), and prestigious universities (UC Berkeley, University of Alberta, University of Stuttgart). This diverse and highly skilled team brings unparalleled expertise, execution capacity, and vision to Burve Protocol.

  • Web3 Success + Web2 Expertise: We combine the innovation and potential of Web3 with the proven methodologies and user-friendly approaches of Web2, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.
  • Mathematical and Technical Excellence: Our strong knowledge foundation is reinforced by the inclusion of mathematicians who drive bonding curve innovation, ensuring robust and scalable solutions.

This unique blend of skills and experience positions us perfectly to maximize the benefits of Web3 while maintaining the ease and accessibility of Web2, making our team the best suited to work on this algorithmic innovative project.


In a nutshell, Burve Protocol empowers seamless token creation and secure, fair launches on Metis, driving DeFi growth and enhancing the utility of $METIS, all without the need for liquidity pools or upfront capital, thus truly engaging users on Metis and brining more active users to Metis ecosystem!

Official Links: Website, Docs, etc.