CVP Proposal: Cedalio


This is a proposal for Cedalio to become part of the CEG program

We provide a decentralized database that runs on top of blockchains or decentralized storage solutions like IPFS with a GraphQL gateway. Just define your data model and the business logic you want to decentralize, without having to worry about storage management or smart contract coding. With our CLI or the web interface developers can create, modify or query their DB with GraphQL.

Cedalio works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Define your schema with GraphQL
  2. Store on-chain and off-chain data in a cost-effective way while giving users control over their data.
  3. Get valuable insights into how your app data is stored and used. Track errors and have full operation performance analytics. Create ZK proofs or DIDs on stored data.

With Cedalio, developers can run decentralized DBs on top of the Metis network without having to worry about managing the infrastructure.

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Demo Video

** Cedalio + Metis **

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