CVP Proposal: CERUS: Maximize Your Potential

CERUS presents a pioneering solution in the realm of decentralized finance, introducing the concept of omni-chain, liquid staking NFT services.

In today’s rapidly evolving crypto landscape, the task of maintaining a diverse portfolio of assets staked across various decentralized applications (dApps) can quickly become overwhelming. The ever-shifting narratives within the crypto space, coupled with the continuous evolution of compounding strategies, present formidable challenges to investors. CERUS addresses these complexities head-on, offering a suite of easily manageable products that harness the full spectrum of crypto’s potential.

Our platform empowers users to seamlessly earn staking rewards across a diversified basket of tokens, all without the hassle of locking assets or managing intricate staking infrastructures. By employing a sophisticated array of automated yield strategies and auto-compounding mechanisms, CERUS revolutionizes the staking experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These NFTs which represent users’ investment can be topped up, redeemed current funds partially or totally or sold in the secondary market.

At the core of CERUS lies a commitment to democratization and community-driven governance. Our users wield significant influence, with individual product management entrusted to the community through the mechanism of $CERUS voting. Furthermore, overarching protocol governance is facilitated via snapshot, ensuring a transparent and inclusive decision-making process.

CERUS Token & NFTs:

CERUS distinguishes itself through the innovative integration of layer zero technology, seamlessly blending speed and functionality to deliver an unparalleled user experience. This strategic approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also affords CERUS boundless opportunities for expansion and cross-chain interoperability.

Unique Characteristics of CERUS:

CERUS is characterized by its commitment to delivering a low-fee, frictionless experience across all facets of its product offerings. Leveraging the robust infrastructure of balancer managed pools as our protocol’s foundation, we introduce our own proprietary enhancements and optimizations. Additionally, CERUS is proud to announce promising partnerships on the horizon, with numerous collaborations underway to further enrich our ecosystem.


In summary, CERUS represents a paradigm shift in the realm of decentralized finance, offering a streamlined solution for navigating the complexities of staking and yield generation in the crypto landscape. With its user-centric design, cutting-edge technology, and steadfast commitment to innovation, CERUS is poised to redefine the future of finance. Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize the way the world interacts with digital assets.




As a member of metis community for a long time I have to say that I would like to see LST’s (including NFTs) that support metis network to have a proven track record with battle tested protocols. I have read in chats how Cerus team have launched a meme coin (Cronus), and have read shilly hype comments made by one of the founders that ran a few nodes under their operation but really not having a product that served the community. I do not approve of this proposal and ask that we consider more reputable applicants instead. Trying to protect my investment here and have read that cerus was supposed to migrate to another L2 or something so don’t know what’s going on here.

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CERUS has been operating on METIS for over a year… delivering METIS rewards to our community through the entirety of the bear market. We were being bottlenecked by a node limit that was not removed because of metis changing their roadmap. We have the proven track record that you are looking for, we are all METIS veterans and have been on the mainnet since its inception. Our entire protocol was audited and verified but due to METIS changing it’s roadmap we were forced to change our plans. Our nodes are STILL operating and producing rewards for our users until METIS tells us that they want them turned off. I encourage you to DM one of us so we can straighten out your ill conceived assumptions.

Cronus is a completely seperate project and independant from CERUS and should have no bearing on your decision.


I have watched how one of the developers of this project handles himself, and I have judged that he is very competent - but more importantly he is honest. Because of that I know that Cerus is exactly what it advertises itself to be. Any wise person knows that is the type of person you want to invest in.

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I agree, with Aces + I just hope MONKEX isn’t involved in this because it would be a shame,

In addition, they announce an airdrop to promote because it is something in trend and they have not distributed anything, they use Cronus fees to try to support CERUS, this team is looking for what to do to try to have a product in trend when METIS manages to become TOP layer 2 stop working and get all the money they can, these are activities already seen in many blockchains, they should change the way they work.

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‘Independent’ meme token (no utility) cronus to pump, dump then fund cerus sounds like skem to me ‘mr. degen’

Airdrop will be distributed soon.

Cronus has NOTHING to do with CERUS, independant treasuries. Actually if you had any clue what you are talking about you would know cronus is developing a gamefi/gamblefi product that will be released soon.

What have we pumped and dumped? Please do tell. These FUD attempts are laughable.


We also don’t need to “fund” CERUS most of the development is done and we still have 100k in the treasury.

We all have solid reputations, I would like to point out that you both made two new accounts just to FUD us. I sincerely hope you spend your time more wisely and do a little more research.


Cerus and Cronus are actually independent projects with different treasuries. Cerus had over 100k in treasury before launch so how would they need cronus fees to launch lol?

And as for airdrop, team already promised airdrop to be this month. Real cerus OGs from the days of the NFT launch are not bothered cos they know the team will deliver.

If you’re going to fud, find something better and worth looking into, ser


haven’t done all that much but shill imo. yes I started new acct because I saw this proposal… more vapourware… no thanks. let the community decide. bye

I don’t usually engage in these type of public proposals and that is why my account is fresh.

With that out of the way, I have nothing but props torwards the Cerus team! The Cerus node Program, fthe first program under the name of the Cerus project, has been live for one year plus now and it has worked perfectly! Everyday the project would pay their holders their fair share even is such nefarious working conditions as the ones we saw during this besr market that happened these last years!

The team is honest and ALWAYS talks with the community regarding what the next steps are and what shall be done towards the future and wellbeing of the protocol and its holders! The work put on by the team during this year is commendable since they came with such an innovative way to bring fresh users and volume into the Metis blockchain, yeat again! First with the 1st mover and one of a kind NFT project and now this amazingly complex finance project but EASY FOR ITS USERS!

With a team like this, everyone comes out winning: the Holders, the Metis Blockchain and Crypto.

Looking forward for the future with this great utility!


Ser if you call a full fledged project, that works nom stop, with no issues, always giving Metis to its clients/holders, during times like the bear market something like “the founders ran a few nodes”, I think your comment should be taken with a pinch of salt because you ser clearly don’t know what you are talking about and you didn’t do your own due dilligence…

Also, as said by AC already, Cronus and Cerus have no relation with each other, 2 seperate projects by the same great team! Also, Cronus is gonna have a gamefi/gamblefi approach soon, which I invite you to check about. Also, Cronus brought a good amount of volume to Metis and is not a pump and dump, ot simply got hit by market conditions, like everything in the Metis eco.

As it is said many times in crypto, DYOR
Which you clearly didn’t do and are only spitting these nonsense here… should have done your homework a little better mate :slight_smile:


I find all the innovation they propose incredible. What do you think is the difference between this hallving and the previous ones? that this btc hallving is at 25% of its ATH

Cerus, the best of the best

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