CVP Proposal: Chaineye Mini Bridge


Chaineye Mini Bridge is designed to provide the cheapest and fastest solution for small-amount cross-chain transfers as well as native gas swaps. Launched in October 2023, the mini bridge already has a total of TX 387K, unique users 77K, and website MAU 100K by Similarweb. Chaineye Mini Bridge is rated the top 1 bridge by during Linea Voyager Campaign.

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @chaineye

Github: DeFiEye · GitHub


Key Features

Chaineye was born from the Web3 community and we build products for the community’s needs. To better serve the community, Chaineye has built many free tools such as Onchain Map, CEX Transfer Fees, Multichain Gas, RPC List, etc. The Mini Bridge was designed specifically for retail investors with small-amount cross-chain transfer requests, including the following features:

  1. Zero bridge fees: We don’t charge any bridge fees at all. This means users will get the same amount of assets on the destination chains. We are built for retail investors and we believe our community like free services. Only a minimum gas fee on the destination chain is charged.
  2. Fastest transactions: Our bridge has the fastest bridging experience across all existing bridges. The bridging time largely depends on the confirmation time of source and destination blockchains. We don’t want our users to wait any longer than the evitable blockchain transaction time.
  3. Designed especially for small-amount transfer scenarios such as gas refill, airdrop claiming, moving funds, etc. It helps to save huge money and time for individual investors when doing so.
  4. Gas swap: Our community wants to use the destination chain directly after bridging. We get it! The gas swap feature allows users to swap a small amount of source chain ETH to the destination chain native gas token. It is very useful for those chains where ETH is not the native gas token such as BNB Chain, Polygon, ZetaChain, ZkFair, Avalanche, Map, Mantle, and Metis.
  5. Fast Integration: Our team is monitoring the market closely and is ready to integrate the latest blockchains in time. Chaineye Mini Bridge currently supports a total of 24 networks including the latest Blast EVM L2 and Merlin BTC L2 blockchain.
  6. Open API: We have opened the API docs on our documentation site. Any individuals or third parties can go through the API and seamlessly integrate Mini Bridge into their application. Chaineye Mini Bridge works in the same style for both requests from our front-end UI and API endpoints.
  7. Security: To prevent the potential security concern of smart contracts, we have implemented our bridge in a hybrid style - a combination of EOA and smart contracts. EOA for cross-chain transfers and smart contracts for cross-chain gas swaps. It helps to reduce the possibility of contract exploitation. In addition, we have our entire system audited and scrutinized by our security partners.
  8. Rewards and Earn: Our users can enjoy a big bridge discount by participating in our various marketing campaigns. In addition, they can also earn referral rewards in ETH and $pMNB whenever their referred address makes a transfer. Everything is transparent and Chaineye Mini Bridge is built for the community.

Value Proposition

Chaineye mini bridge extend its liquidity aggregation services to Metis, enabling community users on all other chains to interact with the Metis ecosystem. We are aiming to foster collaboration and engagement between our respective communities, helping Metis and Chaineye users to transfer their assets freely across any supported blockchains with lowest fees and higest speed.

Chaineye Mini Bridge was born from the community and built for the community. Our web3 community BitEye having over 300K active users is the largest Asian crypto community. Mini bridge will help bring BitEye to Metis ecosystem with many highlights and marketing resources which helps both sides to grow into the next level.


In summary, Chaineye Mini Bridge represents a paradigm shift in the realm of cross-chain transfers and swaps, offering a streamlined solution especially for retail investors navigating the complexities of many different blockchains in the crypto landscape. With its user-centric design, cutting-edge technology, and steadfast commitment to innovation, Mini Bridge is poised to serve the community to its best extent. We hope to invite Metis to join our journey as we revolutionize how the world interacts with digital assets.

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