CVP Proposal - CHICKS

Greetings everyone, I am not a writer and I will try to explain everything clearly.
My partner and I were discussing memcoins and we came to the conclusion that they all have the same problem, namely there is no basic application other than making money on price growth.
So we decided to launch our own “chick” memcoin with a basic idea.
I publish the basic idea and the distribution of profits and votes in the project.

  • TAX 3/3 of which 1% goes to the LP 1% marketing and 1% goes to the foundation
  • Profit is formed from buying/selling tokens of various projects
  • Incubator — investments in startup projects, managed by NFT holders
  • NFT holders — manage marketing, token investments and decide on the choice of a startup to invest in. The procedure is done by voting.
    In addition to profits from the project fund — receive AIRDROP from startups
  • Token holders — profit from the project fund in proportion to the % of tokens held to the total supply
    About the incubator and NFT — I will tell more in the next publications, thank you for reading to the end.