CVP Proposal: codatta - data confidence protocol for AI

codatta (Previous name: b18a) is the world’s leading AI-powered collaboration protocol for blockchain metadata. Our mission is to make the semantics of each blockchain entity universally accessible and understandable, cultivating an ecosystem where information is transparent, reliable, and readily available for all.

By decoding anonymized blockchain addresses (keep personal details private) with semantics-enabling metadata, aims to distill complex transactions into actionable insights for mission-critical analytics use cases such as compliance, risk management, and trend analysis. Furthermore, transforms on-chain activities and credential metadata into portable on-chain profiles, empowering users to unlock monetary value with complete control.

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @codatta_io
Discord: b18a

Value Proposition can bring significant value to the Metis ecosystem by providing high-quality, diverse, and decentralized labeling of blockchain addresses. Our services enable valuable analytics use cases for Metis users and dApps, such as:

  • On-chain data analysis for compliance and risk management
  • User behavior analysis for marketing and business insights
  • Reputation scoring for decentralized identity and credit systems
  • By integrating’s metadata annotation capabilities, Metis can offer its users and developers unique insights and features unavailable on other Layer 2 platforms.

Uniqueness Factor differentiates itself from other blockchain data providers through:

  • AI-powered + human intelligence annotation for high accuracy and efficiency
  • Decentralized crowdsourcing model for diverse and scalable labeling
  • Coverage of 530+ million addresses across 35+ blockchain networks (from collection of leading crypto companies, such as Coinbase, Circle, Messari)
  • Rigorous multi-stage validation process for data quality assurance
  • Strong focus on user privacy and permissionless participation

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

  • Enhanced data infrastructure and analytics capabilities
  • Differentiated features to attract users and developers
  • Potential for new data-driven dApps and use cases
  • Opportunity to set standards for blockchain data annotation and insight

Benefits for Metis Users

  • Access to rich, annotated on-chain data for analytics and dApp development
  • Unique compliance and risk management tools built on data
  • Potential for reputation scores and identity systems using annotations
  • More targeted user experiences and marketing enabled by behavior insights


  • Technical integration of data pipeline with Metis (Q2 2024)
  • Launch of Metis data analytics tools powered by (Q3 2024)
  • Integration of data with Metis dApps and infrastructure (Q4 2025)
  • Collaborative development of new data-driven features and dApps (2025+)

Summary is hoping to bring significant value to the Metis ecosystem by providing high-quality, diverse, and decentralized labeling of blockchain addresses.