CVP Proposal: Deploy Synthr in the Metis Ecosystem

Synthr is an omnichain synthetic asset protocol, built on LayerZero, that provides users with access to frictionless interoperability and slippage-free omnichain liquidity.

How users benefit:

  1. Users will be able to mint highly-solvent synthetic assets by staking ETH, USDC, and USDT as collateral :muscle:

  2. Users will be able to trade syAssets, slippage-free, on SYNTHR’s native DEX :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  3. Users will be able to add syAsset liquidity on ecosystem DEXs to earn a share of protocol fees (real, multi-chain yield) :money_with_wings:

  4. Users will be able to take price exposure to non-native Metis assets and real-world assets :chart:

  5. Users will be able to swap into native assets on any chain (METIS :left_right_arrow: ETH, METIS :left_right_arrow: BNB, etc.) at near-zero slippages and without using a conventional bridge, using SYNTHR’s DEX aggregator; capital-efficient swaps with guaranteed and instant cross-chain finality :chains:

How Metis benefits:

  1. TVL: through users staking collateral for minting and adding liquidity on a Metis ecosystem DEX.

  2. Transactions: by enabling users to perform slippage-free swaps on SYNTHR’s native DEX.

  3. Users: by enabling users from other chains to seamlessly swap into assets within the Metis ecosystem.

  4. Interoperability: by giving users access to composable liquidity without the risk of conventional bridging.


Linktree: synthr | Twitter | Linktree

Video: Swapping On Synthr - Testnet MVP - YouTube

Audit: Zokyo Labs is our security partner and will be conducting our smart contract audits. The CEO of Zokyo Labs, Hartej Sawhney, is also an advisor for Synthr. We will be publishing our audit report before mainnet, in early Q2.


Looks very reasonable, let’s get it​:fire::fire::fire:


I upvote this, When is mainnet launch?

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We’re deploying on Metis testnet this month. Mainnet is scheduled for the end-Aug/early-Sep :rocket:

We’ve already begun audit and launch preparations. The audit report will be shared with the community by August 14th.

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Mainnet is scheduled for the end-Aug/early-Sep :rocket:

Without using bridges. Very interesting. :thinking: