CVP Proposal: Energy8 - an ecosystem of technologically advanced and universal products

Energy8 is an ecosystem of technologically advanced and universal products for crypto enthusiasts and gamers around the world. The project has been under development for more than two years and we have achieved quite good results. Energy8 team including 10 specialists which based around the world: Israel, Czech, Estonia, Turkey and other countries.

Our main solution is a cryptocurrencies bridge between blockchain and Web2.0 games, which works with crypto-assets and NFTs.

Main problem of GameFi sector is the inability to compete with the world wide classic games, so interest in them in GameFi projects rapidly growing and rapidly dumping. Our solution helps to bring the GameFi sector to a new level, making possible to turn any existing game into a Play-to-Earn genre and using existing audience of these games. The GameFi sector will open to a huge number of gamers around the world. Technically, our solution operates using a decentralized game node system based on Proof-Of-Stake mechanism, which gives users security, high transaction speed and high-level decentralization.

We are also developing our own Web3.0 games to reach more gamers.

Our first game is Energy Hamsters - battle royale-timekiller. There is no pyramid economy where the players rewarded for nothing, profit directly depend on the skill of the player. Users place bets before the start of the round, and the strongest players take the bank. It’s very simple and effective!

Demo: Energy_Hamsters - VEED

Crypto-world want to get more mass-adoption, that’s why we launched Energy8 multichain wallet

A multichain crypto wallet aimed at supporting the majority of popular crypto networks and all tokens on them. The key problem of the wallet market is that users have to download a lot of wallets for different types of networks: EVM - Metamask, Cosmos - Keplr, Solana - Phantom and so on. We are going to solve this problem and our wallet already supports BNB SmartChain, Polygon, Metis, Solana, Massa, Sui networks.

Demo: Energy8 Wallet - VEED

Chrome Extension:

Our main goal is to create products that will improve the user experience of every crypto enthusiast and gamer, as well as perform something new and useful into the world of cryptocurrencies, bringing this area closer to world recognition.

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Our achievements
• Polygon-Grants Hackathon (1 place)
• Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon Central & Eastern Europe (8th place)
• Celo Mobile DeFi Hackathon (2 place)
• Serum&Wormhole Hackathon (3 place)
• Top of OASIS - aelf Metaverse Hackathon (Grant Prize)

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Website -
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @energy8eng
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Pitchdeck - DocSend
Whitepaper - Project Vision & Mission - Documents

*Security audit ordered at summer 2023rd.

Our proposal
We already integrated Metis mainnet and testnet networks and want to be part of Mets ecosystem to work closely!