CVP Proposal: ENKI - A LSD Protocol Revolutionizing DeFi on Metis


As a dynamic and innovative player in the DeFi space, ENKI is excited to express our interest in becoming a key part of the Metis community. Our journey so far has been driven by a commitment to revolutionize DeFi, and we believe aligning with Metis aligns perfectly with our vision.

ENKI is designed to streamline the staking process within the Metis ecosystem, offering a unique approach to maximize yields and simplify governance. As a liquidity staking derivative protocol, ENKI addresses challenges related to fragmented liquidity and the complexity of integrating with multiple DeFi protocols. We are poised to create a more cohesive DeFi environment, enhancing yield and governance processes within Metis.

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Key Features

  • eMetis and seMetis Tokens: Utilizing a dual-token mechanism similar to established models, ENKI offers eMetis for seamless transactions and seMetis for yield optimization within the Metis ecosystem.
  • Simplified Staking Process: Our platform streamlines the process of converting Metis to eMetis and staking for seMetis, providing enhanced yield opportunities.
  • ENKI Token Utility and Vesting Mechanism: The ENKI token plays a critical role in our vesting system. Token holders can participate in governance and decision-making processes, and the vesting mechanism aligns with long-term user engagement and ecosystem growth.

Value Proposition

ENKI aims to redefine DeFi by focusing on enhancing liquidity, promoting Total Value Locked (TVL) growth, and simplifying operations. Our approach includes providing flexible options for users after minting eMetis, such as staking for yield or providing liquidity on DEXes, thereby promoting widespread adoption of DeFi solutions.

Functionality of ENKI

ENKI’s functionality revolves around the seamless conversion of Metis to eMetis and the option to stake for seMetis. This system optimizes yield, enhances security, and promotes user engagement, creating a dynamic and efficient DeFi ecosystem.


  • Q3 2023: Development of Proof of Concept - We will begin developing the foundational framework and core functionalities of ENKI, ensuring a solid base both technically and strategically.
  • Q4 2023 ~ Q1 2024: Beta Version Release on Testnet - Launching a beta version of our product on the testnet for public testing, a crucial step in validating our features and overall system stability.
  • Throughout 2024: Public Release and Product Upgrades - Planning for a public release followed by a series of upgrades to enhance our offerings, ensuring that ENKI remains at the forefront of DeFi innovation.


ENKI is set to be a cornerstone in the Metis ecosystem, enhancing DeFi efficiency and governance. We aim to continuously add value and optimize yield for stakeholders, leveraging our strategic positioning within Metis to amplify our influence in the DeFi space.

Litepaper and Audit

  • Our comprehensive litepaper will be available after we launch the testnet.
  • For auditing, we firstly partnered with Armors Labs, and the verified audit report can be found at here. We will get more audit reports before we officially launch on mainnet.

I read articles such as ENKİ protocol will undertake the Liquid staking duties of Metis and its ecosystem. If so, I think it would make a big impact. success already.

Revolutionizing the world of DeFi, ENKI will be a great addition to the Metis Ecosystem, with the plans projected and the goals set, I can see a transformation coming.

I’m happy that ENKI is bringing liquid staking to Metis. I had a few $Metis tokens some months ago, and if I had staked them, I could have gained significant profits plus additional yield now.

Love the dual-token mechanism too. Great initiative ENKI team, rooting for your success in the CEG votes.

ENKI is indeed revolutionizing the liquid staking sector . Not often do we such amazing utility . I am equally glad that it is coming to the Metis ecosystem. I am hopeful that ENKI will achieve its overall aim .

Maximizing yield sounds great, but how is the issues of fragmented liquidity solved through ENKI and what benefit does it have on metis.

My main question is “How”?

Liquidi Staking has always been my favourite in the world of Staking simply because there’s no lock period. I’d really love to explore this on Metis and I look forward to seeing ENKI implement this wonderful proposal. In the end, both parties benefits and the Metis community will be satisfied. It’s a go-ahead for me :white_check_mark:

I love the thorogh break down given on all the hope to achieve for the year
Liquid derivaties are a thing in the Defi ecosystem
Coming into the metis ecosystem would not be a bad idea, rather it gives room to expand.

Hi Enki,

  1. How do you plan to create liquidity that will ensure a 1:1 minting ratio for the ENKI Metis Minter?
  2. How do you plan to make eMetis to be pegged to the value of Metis, since in one of your articles you state that “eMetis, a stablecoin-like asset within ENKI that’s loosely pegged to Metis”?
  3. Will the APR be dependent on seMetis in the pool or constant?


With ENKIProtocol’s introduction of liquid staking on Metis, users now have the opportunity to earn rewards by staking assets and utilizing them across various DeFi protocols like lending, borrowing, or yield farming. This is a groundbreaking development. I’m definitely rooting for it💪

The proposal effectively highlights ENKI’s potential to address key challenges in the Metis ecosystem, such as fragmented liquidity and staking complexity.

How much does ENKI expect to increase yields for #Metis stakers compared to current options? Can you provide specific examples or calculations?

The idea of streamlining staking and maximizing yields with eMetis and seMetis tokens sounds like a game-changer for governance and liquidity. Excited to see how this unfolds and the impact it’ll have on the ecosystem.

Going through the proposal, I’m overwhelmed. As having ENKi on-board , will offer risk management strategies as Metisians will be able to diversify their portfolio within and outside the Metis eco. Thereby providing users with different income maximizing options.

Nice proposal . The commitment to revolutionize DeFi aligns seamlessly with Metis vision . The dual-token mechanism, streamlined staking, and focus on liquidity make ENKI’s entry into the Metis community promising. 2024 appears incredibly promising .

Wow this means users can earn rewards by staking assets and using them in DeFi protocols like lending, borrowing, and yield farming. I appreciate the new updates that just came up :fire::100:

I love how Metis enters into strategic partnerships that will help grow the ecosystem. This partnership with ENKI will really help in simplifying staking and elevating Yield and governance.

This will be a huge benefit for the ecosystem, Good Work!