CVP Proposal: Entangle to launch on Metis

Entangle is the first fully customizable & interoperable data infrastructure for Web3 and Institutions. Our unique suite of products, including the Liquid Vaults dApp, Photon Messaging Protocol, and Universal Data Feeds, are designed to empower developers and enhance capital efficiency, interoperability, and data delivery in blockchain ecosystems.

With this proposal the Metis network and community will be able to integrate and benefit from Entangle’s complete range of solutions.

Key Features and Enhancements

Enhanced Interoperability: Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol will enhance cross-chain communication capabilities once integrated with the Metis network. This integration is poised to allow rapid, secure value transfers, smart contract automation and interoperability between various Web3 ecosystems and Metis.

Liquidity Sharing Between dApps: Entangle plans to bring its native dApp Liquid Vaults to Metis to enable refinancing markets and new DeFi strategies for the ecosystem’s users. By creating composable LSDs of yield-bearing assets such as LP tokens, Entangle enables DEXes, Lending and Derivatives protocols on Metis to share liquidity and offer improved yield opportunities to users.

Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds: Entangle offers a transformative approach to collecting data across Web2 or Web3 sources, processing and delivering it to dApps on Metis. The feeds offer unparalleled customization and data availability, allowing user applications to set their transmitters, logic and parameters whilst selecting preferred on-chain data streaming models.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Integration with Metis Ecosystem: Focused efforts on integrating with key Metis projects and protocols, aligning with its unique landscape and community.
  • Community and Developer Engagement: Initiating programs to engage with the Metis community, offering support for developers to integrate with Entangle.
  • Marketing and Visibility: Marketing campaigns, collaborations with MetisDAO and ecosystem participants to increase awareness and adoption.

Pre-Launch State

To ensure community security, Entangle is conducting a code audit with two top auditors: Halborn and Sentl. The Halborn audit is expected to be ready by February 7, and the Sentl audit later also in February.

Currently, Entangle has integrated with over 13 testnet ecosystems and over 50 dApps awaiting the launch of its mainnet. These include Mantle, Arbitrum, Polygon, Linea, Sei, MultiversX, Fantom, Tellos, BNB Chain, Avalanche, TraderJoe, Stargate, Lendle, and others.


Entangle’s mainnet launch is targeted for February 2024. The next 12 months will see Entangle scale its infrastructure throughout the crypto ecosystem, expand its product suite and launch more native dApps built on top of Entangle.

Meanwhile, Entangle plans to complete its deployment on the Metis Goerli Testnet by January 27th, with mainnet integration targeted for February 24th.


Testnet users: 25,000+
Discord members: 66,900+
Twitter followers: 61,200+
Integrations: 60+


Entangle is committed to delivering top-notch interoperable and customizable solutions, contributing to the evolution and growth of the Metis ecosystem. Entangle eagerly anticipates the community’s support and is dedicated to a successful collaboration.

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im out off gaming but when i saw at Entagle Metal Gear and Silent hill i went back 30years .playstasion the first that came out.

Guys I have one question: why is proposal there no of AI in your but your official X account says otherwise? 1
It seems to me that you need to apply for a CVP after the audits and not before.

Nice proposal, however I have some questions here

  1. What plan, strategy and what kinds of programs does Entangle intend to engage with Metis community, as well as the developers.

  2. How does Entangle ensure that data collected from both web2 and web3 source are well protected.

  3. What approach and style of marketing campaigns will Entangle use to increase awareness and adoption of MetisDAO.

  1. Do you plan to integrate The Photon Messaging Layer into Metis?
  2. How many DEXes on Metis do you plan to integrate your Liquid Vault?

Also, update the proposal with metrics about what you’ve been able to achieve on other chains you’re on.

Hello.:smiling_face: I have examined your project and I would like to ask you a few questions about what kind of contributions you will make to the Metis network.

1-How will Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol be integrated into the Metis network to increase cross-chain communication capabilities?

2-How will Entangle’s Liquid Vaults dApp enable liquidity sharing in the Metis ecosystem and provide users with better return opportunities?

3-How does Entangle’s Universal Data Feeds feature offer a transformative approach to collect data from Web2 or Web3 sources and deliver it to Metis dApps?

4-What are the most important collaborations between testbeds and dApps that Entangle currently integrates with?

5-What are Entangle’s plans for scaling and expansion across the crypto ecosystem following the mainnet launch in February 2024?

6-What are the target dates for the completion of Entangle’s deployment on Metis Goerli Testnet and mainnet integration?

Great! Another product in the Metis ecosystem. There is no such thing as too much DEX. But there are a number of questions.
The first thing I’m interested in is liquidity, how are you going to attract it? This is a very important point for the full functioning of the site. After all, a high percentage for pools is not enough. Users choose based on several factors.

  1. Security
  2. Liquidity
  3. Possibility of locking at a fixed percentage
  4. Rewards + bonuses

What benefits will Metis users receive?
Will there be integrations with other ecosystem products built on Metis?
You also indicated other decentralized applications that are waiting to be launched. How will Metis interact with them, and will there be a connection?

Thank you for your attention.

welcome in advance!
Metis is a great place to be

Hello good! I liked Entangle’s proposal but I have some doubts:

  • Are there plans to apply LRTfi (Liquid Restaking Tokens) to Metis in the short term as well? in addition to LSD and liquid vault tokens.
  • Regarding Liquid Vault Tokens, in which Metis protocols could we use them? Or that depends on the implementation of the Metis dApps with Entangle technology.
  • On the other hand, Photon Messaging Protocol is a resource also enabled by dApps and devs, but the end user will only see its fruits when any of them apply them?
    Thank you and good luck!

You have got a nice proposal there but i will appreciate if you can answer this question

How can the implementation of decentralized data infrastructure in Web3 benefit metis in terms of data security, privacy, and interoperability, while also addressing potential challenges such as scalability and governance?

I’ve gone through it, but I’d like to ask some questions which are

  1. How do you think the integration of Entangle’s Photon Messaging Protocol will benefit the Metis network and its users in terms of cross-chain communication and interoperability?

  2. Can you share some examples of the new DeFi strategies and refinancing markets that Entangle’s Liquid Vaults will bring to the Metis ecosystem? I’m curious to know how it will enhance liquidity sharing between dApps.

  3. In your opinion, what impact do you think the collaboration between Metis and Entangle will have on capital efficiency and data delivery in blockchain ecosystems? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the potential benefits.

The concept of customizable data feeds for dApps on Metis is intriguing. Can you delve deeper into how developers can leverage these feeds for tailored data availability, and what benefits this customization brings to applications within the Metis ecosystem?

Nice proposal i think for every ecosystem growth developers play a good part in it and empowering developers with enhanced capital efficiency, interoperability, and data delivery in blockchain ecosystems is really a cool feature.

Great proposal and great to see y’all include Metis in the list of chains building on :clap:

As one looking out for the Metis eco, I’d like to ask what special opportunity do you see utilising on Metis? In terms of cross-chain messaging, there’s already layerzero and chain link for data feed. What shiny product should the Metis community look out for, asides the liquid vault of course?

In the Twitter space with the Metis community it was said that entangle takes a different approach from Layerzero, however, how will EntangleFI’s integration of their Photon Messaging Protocol with the Metis network improve cross-chain communication capabilities, and in what ways do you envision the Liquid Vaults dApp enabling new and efficient DeFi strategies for users within the ecosystem?

Well said. Will love to see to you on Metis, but before that, what’s the priority placed on security as Metis pays strict attention to that?
Because I see a lot of interactions between chains, dApps and so on.

This proposal seems quite insightful and the usecase shows you have a lot to offer the Metis Ecosystem. I love the idea behind the Liquid Vaults dApp and fostering refinancing markets and new DeFi strategies within the Metis Ecosystem.

What significant milestones does Entangle plan to achieve in its integration with the Metis ecosystem by next month and how will it impact the metis community?