CVP Proposal: FavorTube - the world first fully decentralised Web3 application capable of streaming HD video

FavorTube is the first fully decentralised Web3 application capable of real-time online HD video playback by implementing a decentralised content distribution acceleration network upon IPFS. It empowers Web3 content business by featuring full life-cycle services, such as early stage fundraising, on-chain subscription, revenue distribution, etc. It connects content creators, consumers, fans, and token holders on the same decentralised platform. All parties are involved in building the FavorTube ecosystem and get rewards and benefits in the circle. FavorTube is a Web3 application built with IPFS and other blockchain technologies, which ensures privacy and service reliability. Unlike centralised services, such as youtube, who can ban user accounts and delete user contents, it is governed by a DAO system built within FavorTube and leaves the power to the contributors of FavorTube.

FavorTube uses computational subchains for high-performance, low-cost storage and content distribution, and meets the needs of consumer-grade applications through FavorNetwork, a multicast-capable P2P network built above IPFS. It is able to empower developers to build Dapps that deliver a smooth user experience like Youtube, Onlyfans, etc. Users are able to access contents through web clients, full nodes and light nodes. All contents are stored in IPFS, and FavorNetwork cache the content in full nodes. Light nodes will further cache the contents on full nodes closer to the users for better network performance, which works similar to CDN networks. When the contents become more and more popular, more copies of these contents are cached in FavorNetwork, and users are able to access these files faster, so that FavorTube can allow users to stream videos over a decentralised network like never before.

FavorTube is now built on Metis. Users can connect to FavorTube through Metis network. After connecting with Metis wallets, users are able to create channels, publish contents, subscribe channels, etc.

FavorTube is now live on Metis: FavorTube Brings Fully Decentralized Applications to Metis | by FavorLabs | Medium

Please visit web client:

To download Full FavorTube node for Metis, please go to:

and pick latest version for Metis Chain.

Metis configuration link:

Token Utilities: $FVT

  1. Payment: subscription fees, storage fees, data traffic fees, crowdfunding
  2. Revenue: rewards and profit sharing
  3. Staking: Channel creation, Node staking, Auditor staking, DAO governance staking
  4. Burning Mechanism: FavorTube earn 10% of subscription fee, DAO will determine how to burn.

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @favorlabs
Pitch Deck: FavorTube Pitch Deck.pdf - Google Drive

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FavorTube Whitepaper:

Project Roadmap:

FavorTube Intro Video on Metis: (Youtube Link)

FavorTube Intro Video on Metis: (FavorTube Link)

Auditing Report from Certik:

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