CVP Proposal: FindTruman

CVP Proposal: FindTruman

Proposal Description

1.Background and Motivation

FindTruman Deck: FindTruman-Deck.pdf - Google Drive

The story-gameplay (also known as Script-Murder) is becoming popular in recent years. Based on story, the player act as one of the story roles, and interact with others to achieve the ultimate goal from the first perspective. It is characterized by the strong immersion, content-based, social networking attributes, etc.

Our team starts story-gameplay Web2 project from 2017 and became one of the TOP brand in this category. We have accumulated 30 million Web2 online users, nearly 100 offline studios which can give story-gameplay offline play service to customers in different cities.

The story-gameplay has its own ecosystem roles, including creator, publisher, service provider, player, pirate and Info platform. With the rapid growing, this industry encounters several issues which need to be solved urgently, for example:

  1. The copyright problems;
  2. The story price cannot be correlated with actual popularity;
  3. The creators only get a small part of the story selling;
  4. The players have no way to be profitable.

These issues limit the development of the whole industry. We believe that the content creators and players need to receive more incentives in the whole economic system as they contribute their innovative ideas and active participation to the whole system. We found that the Web3 and blockchain technology is very suitable to solve the problem and can give an explosive growth for the production of high quality contents through adequate incentive for the creators and players. This is the main motivation of our team to build this project.

2.What do we build?

Our vision is to create a STEAM-like story-gameplay co-creation platform in Web3. To solve the current issues in story-gameplay industry, e.g. the copyright problems, the profit sharing problems, etc., we designed the FindTruman platform. Based on the co-creation economic system we designed, the rights-and-interests and the incentive mechanism of story-gameplay could be clarified. For creators, their income is directly correlated to the story’s popularity. Depending on the content quality, the creator’s income can be increased significantly. For players, they could hold the story rights-and-interests which will make them profitable.

We design our FindTruman platform containing UGC Editor platform and Story-gameplay platform. The details are as follows:

2.1. UGC Editor Platform

2.1.1 Story content on chain
The creators can freely create their stories, and update the stories according to the feedbacks, and also invite the players to decide the plot development by voting. All the story contents, updates and votes will be recorded on chain.

2.1.2 Issue Story-NFT
The creator could issue Story-NFT for public to purchase. Story-NFT holders will be deeply bound with this story, enjoy the whole plots and obtain future rewards from the Story-NFT. For creators, their income will directly be linked to the story popularity which will incentivize the production of higher quality content.

2.1.3 Co-creation with Story-NFT
The creators could invite the Story-NFT holders to decide the plot development by voting. Moreover, the creators could set the co-creation tasks, like translation, 3D construction, etc., and incentive others with Story-NFT to join the co-creation procedure together. By this way, the community with good adhesion can be created.

2.1.4 AIGC (AI Generated Content) tools
With AI technology, our platform will assist the creators to expand the inspiration of story creation, automatically improve the story logic and polish the story, intelligently generate story covers and illustrations. It will not only improve content creation efficiency, but also lower the threshold for content creation, which will definitely empower more users to quickly create high-quality contents with AIGC technologies.

At the end of this procedure, the story will have a high quality content or IP with their first fans.

2.2. Story-gameplay platform

2.2.1 Enjoy the unprecedented gaming experience
For the completed stories on UGC Editor platform, they will be released on the story-gameplay platform for public to experience. The players will be immersed in 3D scenes, act as one of the story roles, interact with other players to unlock the hidden clues, make reasoning and reveal the truth. The story-gameplay, which combines the strong sense of immersion, various story contents, thrilling reasoning experience and social networking, will bring the players unprecedented gaming experience.

2.2.2 Obtain incentives
Players need to pay for the tickets of story-gameplay, and they could get more rewards if they have an excellent performance. The ticket sales of story-gameplay will be shared to its Story-NFT holders.

3. Pervious works

For testing the Web3 users’ interest in this new gaming form, we have completed the several story-gameplays with the combination of the 3D scenes and NFT badge incentives in the past few months.

  1. Construct the demo of FindTruman story-gameplay platform (

  2. We have built the early community of our project in Web3. We have successfully attracted nearly 20K followers in our Twitter, 14K followers in our Discord and 25K participation badges. Furthermore, we cooperate with Loot in content creation.

  3. Develop several stories with 3D scenes to let people understand and interact better with the story and give users some basic idea about how it will be the story game be demonstrated in 3D. We co-host with several TOP NFT communities. Here are the 3D scenes we have built:

  4. We have successfully launched our story co-creation gameplay(Alpha test version) in Twitter, in which some basic interactions like voting using NFT to demonstrate our basic idea about the user participation model. Here are the replay of Alpha test: Replay of Alpha Test

4. How will FindTruman benefit the Metis ecosystem

  1. To catalyze adoption of Metis ecosystem growth, we will further build our UGC co-creation platform and build more story-gameplays on Metis. The story contents and Story-NFT will be recorded on Metis. The profits generated by story-gameplay will be shared to the Story-NFT holders on Metis.

  2. Introduce players from our Web2 platform. Our team starts story-gameplay Web2 project from 2017 and became one of the TOP brand in this category. We have accumulated more than 30 million Web2 online users. We will attract users from Web2 by our incentive mechanisms and promotions to Metis.

  3. We will build the story-gameplay content with the theme of Metis to attract more creators and players to participate in the co-creation procedure, which will have a better promotion effect of Metis. We will make promotions to make more players come to enjoy our story-gameplay on Metis. Players can also gain our incentives when playing the story games. Therefore, the story pool will grow dynamically to produce the high-quality contents and attract more users to join Metis.

  4. The development codes, including front-end, back-end, smart contract of the UGC Editor platform on Metis will be open source. Moreover, aiming to making Metis accessible and approachable to more developers around the world, we will open the customized discussion zone on our community. We will communicate and gather suggestions from other global developers, and encourage more developers to participate in the platform co-creation process.

5. RoadMap

Step 1: Develop the story releasing functions of UGC Editor. The creators can freely release their own stories on chain, and update their stories according to the readers’ feedbacks. Moreover, we will develop the function of Story-NFT on Metis chain. The creator could specify the related NFT information ( i.e. the total number, the price, etc.), and issue the Story-NFT on Metis chain.

Step 2: Develop the co-creation functions of UGC Editor. The creators could set the co-creation tasks and incentivize others to join the co-creation procedures with the rewards of Story-NFT on Metis chain.

Step 3: Based on the UGC Editor Platform, we will create a new story and build the relevant 3D scene story-gameplay and will launch on Metis chain. The story-gameplay will be opened to the public to experience and play. We will co-host the story-gameplay with Metis chain ecosystem.

Step 4: Develop an AIGC(AI Generated Content) tool with Text-to-Image function. It could help creators on Metis chain to generate wonderful contents just by inputting text, which will make their stories more vivid. Host story competition with blue-chip communities.

Step 5: Improve the AIGC tool with Text-to-Music & Text-to-3D functions, which could help creators on Metis to generate 3D models and music contents just by inputting text. It will generate various 3D models to the story-gameplays and enhance the creation efficiency.

6. About team

  • Will(Co-Founder, CEO): founder of a Web2 online story-gameplay application with 30 million users and thousands of professional content creators.
  • Lyon (Co-Founder, CTO): got his PhD in France in data science, and enter the blockchain industry in 2017 to do some technical research and development.
  • Bing(Co-founder, CMO): got her PhD in France in CS, and is invited as academic scholar by National University of Singapore during 2022-2023 in Blockchain Innovation Lab.
  • In addition, our team also has 1 contract engineer, 1 front-end engineer, 1 back-end engineer, 1 AI engineer and 1 testing engineer.


Dear Team of FindTruman Project,

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and meet with your team about the Community Verification Process. We enjoyed learning more about your business as well as your features and product direction. We regret to inform you that we’ve to Decline your application due to the lack of necessary Content Requirements for passing the CEG, which are described at Proposal Requirements - Community Ecosystem Governance

  • No Metis Network Support;
  • No integration timeline;

(in this section we will describe what the project lacks for CEG)

Please contact Metis Team to discuss the development stages and Metis Integration

Once you get missing Content Requirements, feel free to submit the proposal again in CVP in Review category, and we will be happy to resume the process

Thank you for your consideration.

Metis Team