CVP proposal for Manat


Hello everyone, the Manat team is here. We want to submit a CVP proposal. Manat is an adorable meme coin that aims to create a space for holders to relax in the crypto world, welcoming new members from all around and increasing the community on the Andreomeda network.

Manat Overview:

Manat isn’t just a meme coin; we aim to bring more users than ever to the Metis ecosystem and build around amusing content for both current users and newcomers in the Metis community.

Why Manat?

Manat stands out as a meme coin backed by a trustworthy and well-known player in the DeFi space. ; we collaborate with high-quality builders. Moreover, we aspire to become the mascot of Metis in a non-competitive manner, fostering cooperation with other tokens and protocols.

If you have any questions, you can always join us on Telegram.


We are happy to annunce, autocompounder from MANAT team coming soon.

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MANAT is a staking-enabled meme project developed by the devs of Ramses Exchange, a long-established business of Arbitrum. We can easily let users use the Metis chain and are building a strong community. Furthermore, it is possible that more features will be added that will make the Metis chain even greater.

One of the best devs of arbitrum ecosystem. Get this man on metis. He will rule…

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