CVP Proposal for Peak Finance DAO

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Introduction to Peak Finance DAO

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Description of the Tech Utility and Features

The Peak ecosystem consists of three tokens, three tokens that only work in relation to each other. The ecosystem needs all three tokens to function. They each have a unique role to play and to participate fully you will want to be implementing strategies using all three.

The $PEAK token is the asset that is Pegged, which means matched at a one for one value, to Metis. In doing this we bring more liquidity to Metis Andromeda and provide more means of transaction as well.

The $PRO token is a share token earned through the ecosystem via staking $PEAK and $METIS LP. The $PRO token helps maintain the Peg of PEAK through inflation. When PEAK is above the price of Metis, you can stake your PRO tokens to print more $PEAK tokens. This creates profit in PEAK for the $PRO holder and increases the supply of PEAK in the ecosystem. Thus, using inflation to bring the price of PEAK back in line with METIS and once again establishing a one-to-one Peg once more.

When the price of PEAK is below the Price of METIS, the Peak Treasury will issue $PONDS at the current PEAK price. You can purchase these $PONDS with $PEAK, which will burn the tokens used, reducing the available supply, and increasing the price of $PEAK again till it reaches Peg.

Once $PEAK is at or above peg with $METIS, you will be able to redeem each $POND for $PEAK again with the difference in price to generate that $PEAK as your profit.

The POND and PRO token work in tandem to maintain the peg value of the $PEAK token

We modified Tomb finance contracts to lay the foundations for new features and use cases to emerge in the ecosystem. Peak upgraded to the latest solidity. Contracts are upgradeable. This will be instrumental as our network of DAOs unfold. Our share token is different. Every purchase and sale of $PRO applies a 10% tax. 40% of that is burned. The remainder sent to the treasury. $PRO will have more unique utility.

Inspired directly by Tomb Finance $PEAK is far more than just a stable coin. $PEAK can also be used as a collateral asset for synthetic derivatives and a means to get a slice of newly launched projects from our upcoming launchpad for emerging DAO and DAC projects. What’s more, the value of an algorithmically pegged token staked together with the token being pegged, greatly reduces risks of experiencing Impermanent (divergent) Loss. We intend to do the same on the Metis Andromeda Ecosystem. By directly forking the “well built and trusted” TOMB application to Andromeda and switching the Peg from $FTM to $METIS, we believe we will be well-positioned to capture the growth of this emerging level 2 platform and help bring liquidity and help fund new innovative technology on Andromeda.

Whitepaper Link below:


  1. Deployment of seigniorage protocol.
  2. Implementation of a Peak Finance treasury that will migrate into the custody of Aeacus Capital.
  3. Establish a DAO for community members and the team to communicate and seek alignment on protocol proposals.
  4. Expanding utility of $PEAK and $PRO through:
    a. Multi-chain implementations.
    b. Launchpad currency to obtain new projects.
    c. Cross-chain liquidity aggregation.
    d. Exposure to DAO treasuries external to Peak Finance and Prometheus.
    e. Prometheus Treasury and AUM-as-a-service functionality
  5. Establishing the Prometheus Treasury in a permissioned environment for selected personnel to utilize their allocations as determined by Prometheus’s discretion will require multi-sig authorization from doxed team members. In the future, $PRO DAO members can contribute to forming a consensus on strategy and execution.
  6. Escrow smart contracts to enable external DAO treasuries to allocate capital for Prometheus to manage on their behalf.
  7. Community strategic proposals in permissioned (closed) and permissionless (open) environments
  8. MetisDAO enhanced DAC functionality for the Andromeda Mainnet.
  9. Aeacus Capital manages all administrative, operational, and business expenses through the Prometheus DAC, and community members will be able to see these expenses in real-time.
  10. Task management capabilities and sourcing community contributors to fulfill a service or function.
  11. Onboarding community trusted and reputable members to participate in managing DAO Treasury

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Audit Report below has been submitted below. We have also work in conjunction with Rugdoc.

Audit Report

$Peak verification on Andromeda can be found below:


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