CVP Proposal for tofuNFT : the largest NFT Market Place in Layer 2

Name of Project

tofuNFT ( )

Proposal overview

tofuNFT is a permissionless, decentralized and full-featured NFT marketplace focused on Layer 2 , DeFi and GameFi. We provide numerous creative improvements to the existing marketplace experience like incentivized bidding, real-time notification, attributes filtering, bulk listing, and rarity explorer. Our marketplace has been developed on Metis Andromeda and it would be the first NFT Market Place.

tofuNFT supports multiple chains, BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom and so on. We are not only BSC’s No. 1 with a trading volume NFT Marketplace, but also top rank volume on several Layer 2 chains including Metis Andromeda. Because users can use it seamlessly in our market, we can bring users from other chains to Metis Andromeda.

tofuNFT focuses on GameFi, Metaverse and Collectibles. Our market provides for several benefit for NFT projects.

  • Detecting and blocking fake NFTs for your project
  • Allowing users to trade your NFTs by project-issued token
  • Precisely adjusted metadata and image
  • Distributing royalty in real-time

We are not a market for users to mint NFTs, but we do provide important features to many NFT projects as above. As of now, 90%+ of tofuNFT’s volume is GameFi and DeFis.




RJ, Co-Founder: Head of dev
Yu Numazaki, Co-Founder: Head of biz

tofuNFT’s Onepager: tofuNFT_onepager.pdf - Google Drive