CVP Proposal: FoxWallet

FoxWallet is an easy-to-use decentralised Web3 wallet that aims at creating an entrance and connection to the Web3 world. The idea for FoxWallet launch originated from Filecoin developer community by giving a start to FilFox browser and, moving on to creating FoxWallet and, as of now, having integrated with more than 20 chains, including Metis, with a full Ecosystem support.

Focusing on creating a gateway to the Web3 world, FoxWallet combines simplicity of its usage and design with complexity of the features it provides, particularly, mining-related services, updates on on-chain data, NFT support, fiat on-ramps and future staking features. FoxWallet puts a lot of effort into enhancing user Web3 adoption by allowing creating bookmarks for favourited pages and providing an easy-to-use in-app browser for each chain where users can redirect to Ecosystem projects and enjoy their services. Last, but not the least, apart from being a multi-chain wallet, FoxWallet is also a multi-address wallet meaning users can easily create and switch between accounts within any chain they choose.

Additional information on FoxWallet. Audits and communities can be found below:
Website: FoxWallet Official Website

Audit Report: FoxWallet - CertiK Skynet Project Insight

Documentation: Introduction | FoxWallet Help Center


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @FoxWallet_EN


Discord: FoxWallet Official


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