CVP Proposal: Frontier <> Metis Integration Co-marketing

Project Name: Frontier DeFi Wallet

Name of the Company: Ohana Labs Pte Ltd, Singapore

Blockchain Area of Focus: DeFi Wallet + Aggregation Layer

Team Members (5):
Ravindra Kumar, Vetrichelvan Jeyapalpandy, Dhawal Shah, Philip Arthur Moore, Pawan Kumar

Project Description - About Frontier

Frontier Wallet is an advanced non-custodial chain agnostic crypto & NFT wallet with DeFi aggregation capabilities - Multichain Wallet+DeFi Aggregation layer. Frontier supports 28 chains including Metis and the top 50+ DeFi protocols natively (and many more coming up) on DeFiPulse. Our mission at Frontier is to make DeFi, simple, secure, and mobile, hence we currently have an Android and iOS App and are soon launching a Browser extension, Progressive Web App (PWA), and a MacOS app that would allow users, across all platforms (mobile and desktop) to view, track and manage their multiple wallets and Defi portfolios seamlessly from a single interface. Other than performing typical wallet functions like send, receive, store, swap, and buy cryptos & NFTs, Frontier lets its users stake tokens on multiple chains across various validators, bridge tokens across chains, lend & earn, borrow, participate in liquidity pools, create CDPs and trade on token derivatives all in-app acting as a one-stop wallet for all DeFi needs.

Key Metrics:
Frontier App Users:: 650,000
Wallets Tracked: 8,108,300+
Weekly Transaction Volume: 25 to 31 million
Daily Active Users: 5,100+
Weekly Active Users: 60,000+
Time Spent on Frontier: 7 minutes per day
Media Mentions: 107
Twitter Followers: 135.5k+
Frontier Announcement Telegram Channel Members: 12k+
Use Cases

Manage DeFi Positions - Engage with multiple protocols & dapps on mobile without setting up separate wallets in a user-friendly way. Native integration of Compound, Aave, Alpaca Finance, Uniswap, Odds etc allow for efficient investment within multiple asset classes with one single step. You can view and manage your Defi positions within the wallet. Stake, Swap, Bridge, Buy, Send, Receive, Lend, Borrow, Farm, all in one place.

Multichain Wallet - Frontier supports tracking & managing multiple assets across blockchain networks. Users can import their wallets and transact in-app within Frontier (Read + Write). Trust, Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, Argent are natively integrated within Frontier, allowing for complete transaction origination and conclusion within Frontier.

Swapping & Bridging - Swap & bridge tokens with the best available exchange rates across DEXs and bridges.

Manage NFTs - Users can store their NFTs and can use the in-app DeFi browser to access trending NFT marketplaces like Openseas, Super rare, etc. We adding more features to use their NFTs for DeFi.

Smart DeFi Notifications - Users can always stay informed about their DeFi, NFT and Gamefi positions cross chains with the Frontier apps notifications feature. Apart from receiving regular wallet notifications, users also receive liquidation alerts, so that liquidations due to the sudden price drop (as experienced on March 12th, 2022) can be avoided.

Fiat On-off ramp - Users can convert their fiat into crypto and vice versa in-app seamlessly with our Moonpay, Coinbase, Binance Connect & other onramp integrations offering our users multiple on-ramping options.

Secure, verified Smart contracts - Interacting with the Frontier app ensures verified smart contracts. This offsets the risk of linking with hacked smart contracts as is a growing menace

Frontier addresses three major problems existing in the DeFi space:

Address Fragmentation:
DeFi is certainly coming of age with all the newer chains, protocols, and dapps, the user journey continues to be fragmented, and several. DeFi has currently 84 Billion+ USD of Total Value Locked (TVL as of 25th July 2022), however, there isn’t one single app that allows you to manage your assets. Frontier, however, bridges this gap in DeFi space.

Platform dependency:
The current existing apps that are there, are forcing users to platform dependency. Our users can engage with multiple protocols and dApps on mobile without setting up a separate wallet.

Mobile DeFi:
Building DeFi on mobile is complex and requires core knowledge of mobile and blockchain development, it’s extremely challenging to find developers with the combination of the right skills. The missing mobile piece will drive the next billion and many more, perhaps a lot more innovation.

Substandard UI / UX:
Existing protocols are well built but still have a primitive UI.

Important Links
Website -

Twitter -

Github - Frontier · GitHub

Discord- Frontier

Deck -

Product Demo -

Frontier has integrated the Metis chain. We would like to co-market this integration through Twitter, AMAs, Blogs, etc to bring visibility to Metis and Frontier both.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Awesome proposal!

Frontier seems like a very robust wallet. Are there any current Metis DEXes or other dApps that are accessible directly through the wallet? If not, are there any plans to integrate Metis dApps?

It’s great that projects like Frontier reach the Metis ecosystem! I hope it is a community verified project.

Team: I have two queries. Could you detail if the “Smart Defi Notifications” currently work in the Andromeda ecosystem (Metis) and with which projects. I think it is a great tool and I would be very interested to be able to enjoy it.

On the other hand, are there plans to integrate some bridge and stake that is compatible with Andromeda? Thank you!