CVP Proposal: Gains Network x Metis Co-Marketing Plan

gTrade will be announcing the listing of Metis for perpetual trading with up to 150x leverage. This opportunity aligns with the interests of the Metis community and its stakeholders by broadening the token’s market accessibility and trading dynamics.

We propose co-marketing content that highlights Metis’s vision, engaging both our communities and drawing attention to the value of Metis.

Value Proposition
Market expansion
Listing on gTrade introduces Metis to our extensive trader base, expanding its market reach.

Increased liquidity and volume
Enhanced trading options can lead to greater liquidity and trading volume for the Metis token.

Hodlers benefits
High leverage trading options may attract more traders, potentially increasing demand and value for Metis hodlers.

Uniqueness Factor
Up to 150x leverage
Offering exceptional leverage options, providing traders the opportunity to magnify their trading strategies and potential returns.

Instant order execution
With an average execution speed of 0.5 seconds, ensuring instant and efficient transactions to minimize slippage and maximize profitability.

Benefits for Users
Users will benefit from access to Metis trading with high leverage and fast transactions, fostering a seamless and profitable trading environment.

Benefits for Metis Ecosystem
Listing on gTrade significantly boosts Metis’s exposure, encouraging wider adoption and integration into the thriving DeFi ecosystem.

Jointly promote this listing through social media and community, highlighting the unique advantages of trading Metis on gTrade.

Immediate efforts will focus on the successful listing of Metis, followed by educational content to maximize community engagement and adoption.

This co-marketing efforts not only enhances gTrade’s trading ecosystem but also supports Metis’s growth and visibility, directly benefiting Metis stakeholders and token holders through increased engagement, liquidity, and potential value appreciation.

Gains Network


Good to see great frens making some proposals on Metis as well :slight_smile:

Looking forward to catch-up in Dubai team!

(the proposal is great by the way)

Gabriel from :panda_face: