CVP Proposal: x Metis

Description: is the fastest one-stop gas refuel bridge for over 150+ chains and counting. Users can instantly bridge to multiple destination blockchains with a single inbound transaction. has a deposit contract deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, Polygon, Avalanche and BSC that splits a users inbound deposit and instantly settles it across all selected destination chains. x LayerZero: LayerZero is a gas refuel bridge for all 40+ supported LayerZero chains. It uses the LayerZero v2 protocols native gas refuel function, allowing users to bridge native gas across the LayerZero network. Users can bridge to all 40+ supported LayerZero chains with a single inbound transaction. Each selected destination chain is its own unique LayerZero transaction.


We’ve been in talks with the Metis team and we would like to kick off Spring with a joint AMA between our teams.

With that! Putting forward a proposal to gauge interest for an AMA as well as to explore some partnership ideas. We’re excited to hear what the community thinks.

Just a quick reminder about what we do: is the fastest one-stop gas refuel bridge for over 164+ chains and counting. You can instantly bridge to multiple destination blockchains with just a single inbound fueling transaction. Users can bridge to Metis from ~10 inbound chains making it really easy to onboard quickly and easily.

Since January, we’ve seen a steady uptick in users using to bridge to Metis. We’ve noticed two types of users: new people who are more exploratory and regulars who need to top up their wallets. We believe these numbers will only continue to grow as both projects keep shipping. Excited to host an AMA to discuss the overlap in users and more.

In short, we’re excited about this partnership and can’t wait to do some co-marketing on Twitter/X to get more people using Metis and together.

Let us know what you think.



Discord: Gasdotzip
Docs: Overview – - Technical Documentation


I read through your proposal and i love the concept of what you intend but i got couple question for you

  1. How do you envision the potential partnership between and Metis benefiting both communities, particularly in terms of user engagement and adoption?

  2. What specific strategies do you propose for co-marketing on platforms like Twitter/X to effectively promote the joint use of and Metis, and how do you anticipate these efforts will impact user acquisition and retention?


Hey Nic,

Thanks for the proposal. I think your project has an important utility for the rapidly growing Metis ecosystem that is acquiring new users every day.

I host Metis community spaces with projects looking to become CVP. This is a chance for users to engage with the projects and learn about them before voting. I’m happy to have a Spaces AMA with you. Once you become CVP approved you can co-market with the Metis team officially.

You can ping me on Telegram @cypherpunk669

A question regarding the project:

  1. Are there docs, links, or any materials you can share to learn more about Gas?

  2. Are you incorporated into any bridges for one-click seamless bridging?

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Hi Nic, great proposal! I’ve checked out gasdotzip on X, and of course I’d love to learn more about your project.

I’m particularly concerned about security. Have you conducted any audits? And in the event of a vulnerability, what steps would you take to safeguard user assets?

Also is there a bug bounty program coming soon? or one on ground already to engage the community to identify and resolve potential weaknesses.

Lastly, I’m curious to know if there are any other standout features besides asset bridging.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your offer. Please answer these few questions;

1-What do you think triggered the increase in’s user base and have you observed how this increase contributed to Metis’ ecosystem?

2-What is the thought process behind choosing to organize a joint AMA, and what benefits do you foresee this AMA could provide for both and the Metis communities?

3-What marketing strategies are you planning to expand potential partnerships between and Metis, and what is the role of these strategies in bringing communities together and increasing collaboration opportunities?

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Hey Nic, welcome to the CEG forum!

I read through your proposal and its not properly detailed. We need to know more about the audits, volume and what ignited this move.

Lastly, aside the partnership with Metis what are your sustainable plans for both communities?

Hey Bells,

Great question, appreciate your comments. Some thoughts below.

So I think that a partnership is pretty synergistic for a few different reasons. First, should help existing Metis users engage with dapps in the Metis ecosystem more seamlessly by letting them bridge in from a number of diff networks. We are at 8 inbound and likely doubling the number of inbound chains over the next week or so. Our UI makes it incredibly easy as well. Second, should help onboard new users to the Metis ecosystem. Our userbase are highly crypto native users who are looking to explore the latest chains and engage with new dapps. We act as a discovery mechanism for them to start moving onto chains like Metis.

There are a bunch of different strategies for co-marketing but I think that one of my favorites is hosting a joint AMA where we can discuss and then talk about different Dapps that can benefit within the Metis ecosystem. This helps shine a lot on what we do, the Metis ecosystem at large, individual Metis Dapps. In doing these in the past, it’s helped onboard new users as well as help existing users engage with less friction. Some other ideas like direct integrations but to be honest, getting feedback on which from users directly in the AMA is prob the way to go.

LMK if this is helpful!


I think that the user uptick is probably just due to some grass roots marketing on our end via Twitter and Discord. We also see a lot of repeat users on our end which leads to steady upticks in transactions once a chain starts getting used. Everyone needs to top up their wallets regularly, not a point in time use case. The amount of friction bridging and finding new chains is just so high right now etc.

I like AMAs because they are easy to host, join and allow the ecosystem users to ask questions super easily. Two sided convos are just way better than say a post that announces some info (also helpful!).

In terms of alt marketing strategies. Unsure there are always integrations to be had which are a great way to partner. I think though that AMAs are a cool way to start because users can ask directly.

Hey Cypherpunk,

Thanks! Glad you are pro AMA and agree any space that lets users ask questions directly are great for all parties involved. In terms of docs - we have a ton! Updated the proposal above to show. LMK if you have a specific question that isn’t answered. Will add asap!

Hey! Thanks so much. Appreciate you checking us out, LMK if you have any specific user feedback or chains you’d like to see as inbound.

We don’t have a bug bounty upcoming yet but will definitely keep you posted – we are really active on discord, twitter etc.

In terms of standout features…we have a few sibling products most notably which lets users interact via the latest layerzero contracts. We also built which allows folks to launch custom tokens at the click of a button - on Metis too! lets users mint inscriptions again Metis was added. Inscriptions seem to be pretty hot lately and we were excited to launch.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Good questions – answered above a bit but will recap.

I think the user uptick is probably just due to some grass roots marketing on our end via Twitter and Discord. We also see a lot of repeat users on our end which leads to steady upticks in transactions once a chain starts getting used. Everyone needs to top up their wallets regularly, not a point in time use case.

In terms of audits, we internally audited as well as externally audited with a number of smart contract folks who have been in the space for a long time. My cofounder has been in the space nearly a decade working on various protocols and has been able to lead all of the security really adeptly. We also have internal tooling that we built to track transactions very closely to make sure there are no issues. Should also add that the cap on transfers lessens surface area on any issues.

In terms of sustained plans, again the general use case lends itself to repeat users through time which leads to usually pretty sustained partnerships. We can deepen those partnerships by integrating with Metis Dapps. I have been going through the ecosystem to see where might make the most sense and be the most beneficial as well as have the least overhead.

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