CVP Proposal: GM² Social Integrate With Metis For Web3 Users

1. Introduction

GM² is a Web3 SocialFi wallet app designed to transform the way users interact with DeFi and social networking. It offers a comprehensive platform for individuals, particularly those new to the Web3 ecosystem, to effortlessly manage their digital assets, gain valuable insights from established industry figures, and make informed investment decisions.

2. Value Proposition

Web3 users have to utilize multiple platforms to make informed trading decisions, which can be time-consuming and overwhelming for newcomers. GM² Social aims to streamline this process, saving traders time and enhancing accessibility, particularly for those new to Web3 by providing a comprehensive platform for beginners.

3. Unique Factors & Benefits for Users

  • Web3 Identity

On GM² Social, you can manage your profile on the secure Metis blockchain, connect with like-minded followers, share valuable insights, and discover exciting new projects on the Metis ecosystem – all within a unified and user-friendly platform.

  • Portfolio Management

Tracking your entire portfolio across all protocols and wallets - in one convenient location. Gain a holistic view of your digital assets and DeFi activities on Metis.

  • Alpha Insights

Dive into what top users are holding in their wallets and discover the hottest crypto assets. Make informed investment decisions, no matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

  • Social Earning

Engage with the GM² Social platform and earn GM² Loyalty Points, which could lead to future token rewards. And that’s not all! Users of GM² Social’s partnered platforms may enjoy additional benefits, such as increased point accumulation or exclusive perks.

  • Social Impact Initiatives

Leverage your GM² Loyalty Points to support social awareness campaigns and charitable causes, empowering positive change and building a stronger Metis community. Your contributions extend beyond technological advancements, fostering a sense of social responsibility and collective impact.

4. Benefits for Metis Ecosystem

GM² Social’s integration with Metis creates a powerful synergy. A large and active user base from GM² Social will be injected into the Metis ecosystem, fueling its growth and vibrancy. This collaboration fosters a strong and engaged community through co-marketing initiatives and engaging user activities. This powerful combination positions both platforms for exciting future prospects.

5. GTM Strategy

5.1 Development Plan

Items Detail
R&D Market research, analyze competitors, and generate project ideas.
GM² SocialFi UI/UX Designs Design brand logo, product interface, and feature functionalities
GM² SocialFi Wallet Prototype on Metis Ensure seamless integration and compatibility of our product with the Metis chain.
GM² SocialFi Wallet on Metis Testnet Deploy our product on the Metis Testnet for testing and development.
GM² SocialFi Implementing the loyalty point program launch plan Implement an engaging loyalty point system where users can earn points and redeem them for valuable rewards, including tokens and unique NFTs.
GM² SocialFi Campaign for Awareness & Charity Users can use loyalty points for charity activities, contributing to society
GM² SocialFi on Metis Mainnet Initializing a project’s operation on the Metis Mainnet

5.2 Growth Plan

Items Detail
Grow Community Sharing updates about our innovative features and run engaging campaigns to attract potential customers.
Loyalty point Implementing a loyalty point program plan for waitlist and early adopters.
Partnership & Integration Leveraging strategic partnerships to fuel the expansion of the Metis ecosystem
Pre-launch Announcement Launching a Beta test campaign, rewarding participants and the Metis community, in collaboration with other projects on the ecosystem
Launching Mainnet Official launch accompanied by a celebratory campaign and rewards for early adopters.

6. Roadmap

7. Summary

GM² Social, a Web3 SocialFi wallet app, is seeking to revolutionize DeFi and social interaction. Designed especially for newcomers, it offers a unified platform for managing digital assets, connecting with others, and discovering fresh projects within the secure Metis ecosystem.

8. Official Links

Website | X | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcement | Youtube Demo


When does the product launch, and do you have any incentive program?

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GMGM!! There are many projects which are not in good condition at present. Very little public confirmation of the progress of the project. Can you share the current progress of your project?

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Hello Trong, thank you for your question

  • We planning to launch our product on the Metis Mainnet in Q4.

  • We recently released GM² Social loyalty points to further incentivize users []

We have roughly completed our product, you can join the waitlist to stay updated with our new information and experience the beta test.

I think this could be a great project!

The loyalty points system is intriguing. What are the long-term plans for these points, and how will they integrate with potential future token rewards?

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