CVP Proposal: Grail Inu (iGRAIL) - doggie themed governance coin cashflow accumulator


iGRAIL is a 100% fair launch tax token with the goal of accumulating cash flow governance tokens via our token taxes & cashflow from our in-house fully developed casino platform (

Our token has a 6.66% tax on sells/buys/transfers.

Launched on the Arbitrum Network our first goal has been to accumulate the GRAIL governance token.

We have been talking with the Hercules team about expanding our product onto the Metis Network via bridging “wrapped” iGRAIL onto Metis to begin accumulation of the TORCH token.


  • Taxes collected from wiGRAIL on the Metis network will be used to accumulate the TORCH governance token of the HerculesDEX.

  • Through our meme marketing we will bring awareness and more liquidity to the metis network.

  • Our casino will adopt the METIS blockchain and the METIS/TORCH governance tokens as playable options.

  • We are starting up game development as our vision is to become a key player in the blockchain gaming industry -

  • There is much more in development about our “master plan” however we would like to avoid sharing more of our road map until we are ready.

Everything thus far has been team funded and built.


The Casino platform is under constant and continual improvement.
Onboarding long-term users is our priority now.

& expansion onto further networks of which the Metis network would be our first.


iGRAIL is a FORK of CURVE INU ( launched by EPIK who is a well known builder in the space and has been an amazing leader of the CONCAVE project. All contracts have been audited.


Driving value to iGRAIL is our number 1 priority.
Ultimately, and exact implementation is yet to be determined, we want to implement a method of staking like veFXS.

iGRAIL will be locked and product profits will be used to buy-back iGRAIL on the open market and given to stakers as yield.

This alongside the LP yield we drive through our accumulated governance coins we believe will be a sustainable method to continually drive value back to iGRAIL.


The Metis Network we intend through co-operation with the Hercules to be our first blockchain expansion. We are building all we have from our own love of what we do.
Being investors in blockchain for many years, we work as a DAO across many continents with a shared vision to create value to accrue value :blush:


I vote Yes :heart: great idea actually


This proposal could benefit to metis

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Nice innovation that can get better. Super amazing team i must say

good idea lets see how is the execution

Yes. Let’s see the impact of meme

Yes! This is a great proposal.


A great yes as this will contribute immensely to the growth and betterment of metis

I think this is great. Yes from me.

A YES for me, it will promote Metis

this where i say i vote yes

good proposal…lfg …continue with good work!yes for me!!

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YES :heart: :heart: :heart:

a big YES for me all way

I vote yes for this proposal

my vote yes its a good idea

great plan. a collection of the best projects will be born in 2024

Great and it is magnanimous

:heart::heart::raised_hand: yes yes very nice :slightly_smiling_face: